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The Upcoming Bugatti SUV Things You Need To Know | Costliest SUV By Bugatti

Bugatti Luxury supercar lovers and fans have already heard the reports whirling about the possibility of a new upcoming Bugatti SUV. Despite the instances that SUVs are not the company’s portfolio it seems that the reports are true. The Brand itself has revealed that the new model would likely be a four-seat model with the capability for some off-road driving.

Talking to, Stephan Winkelmann CEO, Bugatti said, they are working on this new car but the car “won’t be a traditional SUV.” According to the interview, the term CUV(coupe utility vehicle) will be perfect for the upcoming car. For now, the company has not revealed any design details of the two-door, high-riding crossover.

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Bugatti SUV More Highlights


The sportier Two-door crossover will be more compact and much lighter compared to the Lamborghini Urus. As the Urus will be the direct rival in price and other segments, the Bugatti SUV will also share some features with the Big Lambo. The CUV will have a massive 641-bhp V8 engine, but with some hybridization which will force the output close to four figures. Talking about the performance the car will accelerate at 0-62mph in 3.6sec and the top speed will be around 191mph.

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Bugatti SUV Price and Production

The extraordinary performance will come with an anticipated price range of around $1 million. The car will into production from 2023 and the production will be restricted to 800 units only. All this together will make the Bugatti SUV the most exclusive in its segment, but not necessarily for the brand. “The Chiron will always be on top,” Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann told Car magazine.

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