Friday, March 1, 2024

Cadillac InnerSpace Concept Unveiled | InnerSpace Concept car By Cadillac

The ongoing CES 2022 has been great till now, some of the biggest reveals from the auto manufacturers that showcased what’s will the future will look like. One of them is the InnerSpace Concept from Cadillac.

From this, the Cadillac shows what autonomous mobility will look like in the coming decades. The exterior of the all-electric InnerSpace is low and elongated making it look super futuristic road-going spaceship. The front end center has the lit-up Cadillac logo and the signature gill design. The wheels are made of natural materials like soya bean oil and rice husk-based silica.

This futuristic design study is a part of the halo concept portfolio. As the name says InnerSpace is designed to be a luxury lounge on wheels with 2 seats. The roof and the door pop up together leaving a lot of room to get in comfortably. In the interior, you have a big curve screen covering the dashboard. The screen provides many more functions like augmented reality enhancing the experience.


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