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Can F1 Tires Make Your Road Car Faster?

They even broke out tire warming blankets to try and get these F1 tires up to temperature.

Is it possible to turn a regular street car into a high-performance machine with a set of F1 tyres? Driven Media decided to put this theory to the test by installing F1 tyres on its Caterham 270R. Let’s see if tyres from an F1 car can boost the performance of a track-capable road car.

If you’re a Formula One fan, you’re probably well aware of the sport’s preoccupation with tyres. Pirelli is currently the sole tyre supplier in Formula One, and it is one of the few components that all F1 teams use. F1 teams invest millions of dollars and many man-hours in the development of their cars, but like road cars, all of that engineering is transmitted to the tarmac via the tyres.

F1 teams devote a significant amount of attention to controlling tyre temperatures in order to maintain ideal levels of grip so that their cars can compete on the track. These finicky tires are warmed with tire blankets before use so that the car has a strong level of grip as it heads out the track after a pit stop. Much like an F1 car, these tires are not designed for normal road use as they are highly specialized tools for a single task.

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So, how do a set of F1 soft tyres perform on a Caterham in light track use, followed by a road test? They couldn’t get the tyres warm enough to get optimal grip, just as the people at Driven Media predicted. These Pirelli tyres are made to withstand intense temperatures on the racetrack, so they aren’t suitable for everyday driving. Even when driven around a track, the Caterham’s featherweight track vehicle couldn’t exert enough stress on the tyres to heat them up.

Although the tires weren’t exactly good for performance, they did make the Caterham 270R look like a miniature F1 car. So, F1 tires may not improve the performance of your car, but they will make it look cool.

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Source: Driven Media


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