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Can NASCAR and NHRA Drivers Drift a GR86?

The Toyota 86, now known as the GR86, is a thrilling machine to drive. Its front-engine, rear-wheel-drive configuration is a perfect recipe for a drift car right out of the showroom, as it has been since the nameplate’s inception in 2012.

While warranty coverage for needed repairs due to drifting is still debatable, seeing one on a closed circuit shouldn’t come as a surprise. Toyota is even encouraging drivers from the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) and the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) to try it in the latest GR86.

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The entertaining Toyota GR86 drifting activity took place at Eagle Canyon Raceway in Texas. Rutledge Wood, who is also a contestant, hosts the show. Who are the participants? Christopher Bell of the NASCAR Cup Series, Sam Hunt of the NASCAR Xfinity Series, Ty Gibbs of the NASCAR Xfinity Series, and Steve Torrence of the NHRA Top Fuel Series.

The goal is to complete four drifting laps and see who performs the best with guidance and quick training from professional drift drivers Ryan Tuerck and Jhonnattan Castro.

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Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Evidently, it wasn’t. Most of the racecar drivers were struggling, which was understandable given that drifting goes against their instincts. These motorsport professionals spend their careers trying to keep their wheels on the ground at all times, which is the polar opposite of what they’re attempting in this challenge.

Torrence went completely off the track with the GR86 he’s on at one point. It wasn’t a big deal because the participants were celebrating and just laughed it off (guess this one is covered by warranty). This reminds me of the Pixar animated scene with the NASCAR race car.

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Gibbs won the challenge by performing the best drift run out of the five contestants. Bell came in second place.

Source: Toyota via YouTube


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