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Car Loan : Here’s Everything You Should Know

Bank Loan To Buy A Car

Is it necessary to take out a bank loan to buy a car? This question has several sides to it, as well as a variety of viewpoints. However, the final decision is yours to make, and it should be based on your own objectives, future ambitions, and current financial condition. Experts advise you to avoid a situation in which your car loan consumes 30-40% of your net monthly salary or income. This will leave you with less room for other critical loans or unexpected credit, as well as less room for savings. Here in this article we have jotted some points to remember when applying for a car loan.

At the same time, the car loan should be no more than 10-15% of your entire take-home income in an ideal scenario. Even if you are eligible, it should not be more than 20%. However, there is a silver lining here: when your income rises, your take-home pay rises as well, making your auto loan a lower percentage of your monthly wage and allowing you to save and invest more. Calculate your mandatory expenses first, such as your monthly rent or home loan, food, and energy. After that, set aside at least 10% to 12% of your earnings for investments in appreciating and expanding assets and other opportunities. Following that, you’ll have your true breathing space for loans.

When To Apply For Car Loan

Car Loan : Here's Everything You Should Know

In this situation, you can budget for a car purchase by devoting this amount of your monthly income to EMI repayment. You will, however, need to budget for the down payment. You will not be able to secure a 100% car loan, and even if you can, it will just result in enormous interest and, as a result, exponentially higher monthly EMIs. As a result, strive to put down the minimum required down payment of 15-20% of the car’s value. Only apply for a car loan if you have the finances available and will not jeopardise your other savings, emergency reserves, or other assets. Automobiles are depreciating assets having a resale value that is significantly lower than the purchase price. As a result, you should invest in assets that gain in order to develop a buffer while also repaying the car loan.

Myths And Facts

Car Loan : Here's Everything You Should Know

Many individuals believe that paying cash for a car is the best way to avoid paying interest. And many people adhere to this concept. Many people believe that it is preventable in the case of higher-priced automobiles because cars are depreciating assets and it makes no sense to invest a large sum of money in something that will not offer you any returns. As a result, according to this school of thought, it is better to invest surplus capital into investment avenues and other assets that will give you returns and build up over time, rather than servicing a car loan with regular monthly payment flows. Before you apply for a car loan, think about everything you need to know.

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