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Catch Up With The Most Aerodynamic Vehicle Ever Constructed

Lightyear is once more showcasing the potential of its Lightyear 0 as it is only a few months away from releasing its first solar-powered electric vehicle. After a series of WLTP-compliant drag coefficient tests in Germany, the Lightyear 0 SEV should be the most aerodynamic sporty sedan ever created when it hits the market. Its test results top a record that GM’s EV1 had held since the late 1990s.

1. What’s In The Name?

LightYear 1

Lightyear is a Dutch solar electric vehicle that has grown together with Electrek over the years and we have been able to follow their progress in bringing the first solar electric passenger car to market. This feat should be accomplished before the end of the year as Lightyear prepares for a limited run of its flagship SEV, the Lightyear 0.

2. The Testing

Aero Test

Lightyear asserts that wind tunnel testing has established the Lightyear 0 to be the world’s most aerodynamic production vehicle.

According to research done at the FKFS wind tunnels in Stuttgart, Germany, using WLTP protocols, the solar-powered electric vehicle’s coefficient of drag (Cd) was confirmed to be 0.175, Lightyear said in a press release on Thursday.

With all three vehicles scoring between 0.20 and 0.21, the Lucid Air, Tesla Model S, and Mercedes-Benz EQS, the Lightyear 0 comes out on top. However, each of those is significantly bigger than the Lightyear 0, and more of them will probably be made. Only 150 cars, each costing around $260,000, will be sold, according to Lightyear, with an “increased” model to follow.

3. The Zero (0) Drag Coefficient

Aero Design

0.175. To most of us, those seem like a few numbers. It’s a very significant amount, though it’s small, to the people of Lightyear. That figure currently stands for the cheapest drag coefficient a car has ever attained.

More specifically, Lightyear now owns the record. For comparison, the Mercedes EQS held the previous record, which was 0.200. We all be familiar with Koenigsegg, which is supporting Lightyear. The Swedish company, which primarily focuses on building 7-digit hypercars like the Jesko, has also financially supported Lightyear, whose solar-powered vehicle we’ve already reviewed. Now that the Cybertruck does not exist, we can refer to it as the world’s most opulent automobile.

4. Results


Although Lightyear will undoubtedly hold the aerodynamics crown when production begins, its reign may not last long. Lightyear has a real chance to be surpassed by fellow startup Aptera, which is preparing to begin manufacturing its own solar electric vehicle.

All things considered, the Aptera is still in the gamma phase before starting to construct delta prototypes with a view to production later this year. Lightyear continues to be the industry leader in terms of aerodynamics up until Aptera puts its flagship SEV into production with test results that can be verified.

5. Battle With Competitors

The 1

With its EQXX solar EV concept, Mercedes-Benz has already attained a drag coefficient of 0.17, but it is not a production vehicle. His EQS sedan is still one of the greatest aerodynamic cars on the market today with a drag coefficient of 0.20. Even though the EQXX may never leave the factory, it serves as a demonstration of the concept for future, more effective electric vehicles.

6. The Future

Solar Roof

The Volkswagen XL1 was introduced in 2013 and achieved a 0.189 Cd. Before the VW recall crisis, plug-in hybrid diesel engines appeared to be a good idea, but the slim coupe’s production of them was extremely low. Out of a planned run of 250 cars for the European market, where the Lightyear 0 would also be sold, only 200 have been sold.

As demonstrated by the EV1, XL1, EQXX, and now the Lightyear 0, conventional cars must be drastically reshaped to reduce drag. Does that render sedans unnecessary? Making multiple sedans with cutting-edge aero presents a number of difficult challenges, to say the least.

If would get a chance will you like to drive the most aerodynamic car in the world tell us in the comment below.


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