Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Ceat Rolls Out Tyres for Electric Buses

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The new electric bus tyres deliver 30 per cent higher mileage, 30 per cent better rolling resistance, and 50 per cent reduction in tyre noise.

Ceat Tyres has introduced Winenergy X3-R CV tyres designed specifically for electric buses. The tyre manufacturer claims that these tyres have been tested for ride and handling and are tailored to the needs of electric buses operating on city streets. The EV tyres come in two sizes: 295/80R22.5 and 255/70R22.5.

When compared to standard tyres, the company claims that these tyres provide 30% more mileage, 30% better rolling resistance, and 50% less noise. According to the tyre manufacturer, these parameters are especially important in electric vehicles.

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Speaking about the launch of these tyres, Arnab Banerjee, COO of Ceat, stated that Indian cities can expect more deployment of electric buses, which provide commuters with sustainable, air and noise pollution-free transportation. “Indian cities can expect more electric buses to be deployed, providing commuters with sustainable, air and noise pollution-free transportation.” “With the introduction of CEAT’s WINENERGY X3-R EV tyres, we are pleased to be able to offer tyres specifically designed for our EV OEMs, as well as to contribute to making urban transportation more cost-effective, cleaner, and smoother,” he added.

The company further claimed that these tyres come with an all-steel tubeless construction with a robust casing to cater to the high torque. The tyres have low rolling resistance for better mileage. 

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