Celebrities Who Own Lamborghini Urus  

This article lists every Bollywood celebrity who owns a Lamborghini Urus. The world’s fastest SUV in production is the Urus. The Urus, the Italian sports car manufacturer’s first SUV, was built for thrilling performance. It combined the best features of the Huracan and Aventador, two previous Lamborghini sports cars. Let’s find out who the owner of this enormous SUV in B-Town is.

1. Kartik Aryan

Kartik Aryan Lamborghini Urus

We examine every Bollywood celebrity who owns a Lamborghini Urus in this article. The Urus is the world’s swiftest SUV in production. As its first SUV, the Italian sports car manufacturer built the Urus for thrilling performance. The Huracan and Aventador, two previous Lamborghini sports cars, were used as inspiration. Let’s find out who owns this monster SUV in B-Town.

2. Rohit Shetty

All about Rohit Shetty's yellow Lamborghini Urus | Filmfare.com

Rohit Shetty, a renowned action director, is the proud owner of a yellow Lamborghini Urus. In addition to a modified Ford Mustang GT, a Range Rover, a BMW 7 Series, and a Maserati GranTurismo Sport, Rohit is known for blowing up cars as stunts in his movies.

3. Jr. NTR

Jr NTR becomes first Indian to own Lamborghini Urus Graphite Capsule, check  out actor's viral photo | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

The Telugu film industry was where the Indian actor began his career, but he broke through it to become one of the best in the nation. He is well-known for owning the exclusive Lamborghini Urus Graphite Capsule Edition. About 20% more money is spent on this special edition than on the standard one.

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4. Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh gifts himself a Rs 3 cr Lamborghini, goes for a spin. See  pics | Bollywood - Hindustan Times

Ranveer Singh, one of Bollywood’s most flamboyant and expressive actors, also owns a Lamborghini Urus with a red paint job. Being one of the most well-known celebrities in Bollywood right now, his garage is filled with a tonne of extremely expensive and coveted luxury premium vehicles, including the Aston Martin Rapide, Jaguar XJ L, and more.

5. Hritik Roshan

Actor Hrithik Roshan spotted in a Lamborghini Urus SUV [Video]

Hrithik Roshan, who is renowned for having the appearance of a Greek god, was recently seen getting into his white Lamborghini Urus. The SUV’s licence plate read 7700.

6. Badshah

Badshah Takes Delivery Of His Second Lamborghini Urus

Not one, but two Lamborghini Urus SUVs are owned by one of the biggest rap and pop artists in the nation. There aren’t many famous people who own more than one Urus. Even among the nation’s elites, the title of Badshah is unquestionably distinctive.

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