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Cheapest Ways To Make Your Car Sound Better

CHEAP Ways To Make Your Car Sound Better | 6 Methods To Enhance Sound Of A Car

Enhancing the audible feedback can make the driving experience a lot more fun and will often come with some slight performance gains as a bonus. The sound we want to enhance comes from air moving in or out of the car. This is from one of two ends; the intake or the exhaust side. In this blog, we’ve made a list of the Cheapest Ways To Make Your Car Sound Better.

1. Air Intake

Air Intake
Air Intake

Stock air boxes or filters are generally much more restrictive than the after-market ones. With being restrictive, these will also rob some of the ho Ag good air intake can cost you $50 to $200, but it will be worth it. Switch from cheap drop-in filters to full intake systems, not only this modification will produce extra sound, but a little bit of extra power as well. However, it will also add some induction noise to the car and turbo flutter to turbo cars. Always go for the brands like K&N, AEM. However, if you want to maximize full power and unlock the best sound, you should go for a full intake system. Now, a full intake system can run anywhere from 150 a to 300 dollars, but they’re worth it, as they add about 5 to 20 horsepower. So, regardless, whether you change a drop-in filter or a whole intake system, your car will sound better.

2. Downpipes & Headers

Downpipes & Headers

Once the air has gone through the engine, it will come above your engine, through headers or downpipes. Depending on the heads of your engine, it determines whether your car has headers or downpipes. Most cars come from the factory with a restrictive exhaust manifold merging all the exhaust ports as soon as possible. While this is method is widely used, this is not the best method for better sound or performance. Pair the new collector with high-flow cats and your car will scream. However, downpipes and headers do help the sound, they aren’t the cheapest modification on this list. Generally, you will need at least 100 dollars for downpipes and headers start at 200 dollars, also, the engine in your car will determine how much it costs. As this is the part where generally most of the noise is robbed, so changing it is highly recommended.

3. Mid-pipe / Crossover Pipe

Mid-pipe / crossover pipe
Mid-pipe / crossover pipe

Once the gases pass through headers and pipes, they pass to the mid-pipe/crossover pipes. This is generally composed of the rear catalytic converters, the resonators, or even crossover pipes if it’s a dual exhaust system. By replacing or adding some pieces can dramatically affect the sound of your car. Making the diameter of the pipe bigger can also change the sound as well. On a dual exhaust system, the mid-pipe generally houses a crossover pipe, where both pipes of the exhaust can join to even out the flow of the exhaust gases. Some crossovers include an h-pipe, an x-pipe, a double h, a double x, and more. By simply changing the type or number of crossover can completely change the way your car sounds.

4. Mufflers / Resonators

Mufflers / Resonators

While your crossover pipe and mid-pipes don’t affect your car that much, the mufflers will give you a better outcome. Mufflers are one of the most common types of exhaust modification. This is because mufflers are cheap and universal. You will just need the inlet and outlet and choose yourself a muffler, these are also available as cheap as 30 dollars. Now, if you want your car to be loud as possible, you can also entirely remove the muffler and is also common for many cars. However, removing or replacing the muffler will not add power or performance to your car, but it will surely make your car sound the way you want it. Generally, a muffler is placed at the end of your exhaust system, but you can add them wherever you want to achieve the sound you want. Another advantage of these is that they are present in a lot of variety, and the same goes for a Resonator. Resonators are essentially straight through their mufflers with a perforated outer shell with packing and solid outer casting. Or, they can be seen as a more expensive muffler starting at around 40 dollars. The resonators only have one job, and that is to eliminate rasp. Typically, they take away a little bit of noise as well, but they make your car sound a little beastly.

5. Exhaust Tips

Exhaust Tips

The tips of your exhaust surprisingly can change the sound of your exhaust by changing the size or number of exhaust tips. Exhaust tips come in all different shapes and sizes and changing them up can add an aesthetic appeal as well as better sound. This is will, however, change the sound completely. Some exhaust tips are even resonated to reduce more rasp. You can simply search Amazon and search for suitable tips relatively and inexpensively. Moreover, you can find a whole exhaust system on online shops like Amazon, eBay, Facebook marketplace, Offerup, and also the junkyards nearby.

6. Removing Sound Deadening

Sound Deadening Sheets
Sound Deadening Sheets

If you remove some or all of your sound, you’ll add noise for free, and, you’ll reduce weight. Generally, it’s just a piece of foam made to make the cabin quieter. You’ll just need to tear up your carpet, pull it out and you’ll hear more exhaust for free. However, removing this will also increase the noise of the road like the stones hitting inside of your fenders and mechanical noises from your transmission.

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