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Citroen eC3 Unveils in 2023 – All Key Details

Citroen eC3 Unveils in 2023

For the Indian market, Citroen has unveiled a brand-new teaser image of its impending first all-electric vehicle. The electric hatchback, known as the Citroen eC3, will go on sale in March 2023. The third week of January will mark the start of its media campaign. The French automaker will immediately compete with the Tata Tiago EV with this mass-market, entry-level electric vehicle. Cost estimates for the model range from Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 12 lakh (ex-showroom). The pricing range for its main competition, the Tiago EV, is between Rs. 8.49 lakh and Rs. 11.79 lakh (all, ex-showroom).

The Citroen eC3’s powertrain will consist of a 30.2kWh battery pack and an electric motor that is situated on the front axle. The e-motor has a maximum output of 143Nm of torque and 86bhp of power. The Chinese electromobility company Svolt will provide the automobile manufacturer with a battery pack. The electric C3 will come with a 3.3kW onboard AC charger from the manufacturer. Additionally, it will assist CCS2 rapid charging. A single charge for the electric hatchback is projected to provide it a driving distance of about 350 kilometres.

With the smaller 19.2kWh battery and the bigger 24kWh battery pack, Tata’s Tiago EV is said to have a MIDC range of 250 km and 315 km, respectively. The device is equipped with Tata’s Ziptron high-voltage architecture, which comprises of an electric motor with a permanent magnet. The greater battery version makes 61 horsepower with 110 Nm, while the smaller battery version generates a peak power of 74 bhp with 114 Nm. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 kph in 5. (Zolpidem) 7 (19.2 kWh) and 6.2 seconds (24kWh).

The Citroen C3 electric will have a similar appearance to the ICE model. However, it will not have a tailpipe and will instead have a new charging port on the front fender. It may have a redesigned centre console and a new drive controller within, replacing the manual gear lever.


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