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Coolest Bike Name | Story Behind The Bike Names

Story Behind Naming These Bikes

One can’t call oneself a bike geek if he don’t know the backstory to his favourite bikes’ names! The names of these motorcycles from all across the world have unique backstories. This article will debunk the myths surrounding the origins of these incredible bikes’ names!

1. Indian Springfield

“Indian” wasn’t the first name that came to mind for the American company. Hendee Manufacturing Company was formed by George M. Hendee (a former bicycle racer) to produce bicycles such as the American Indian, Silver Queen, and Silver King.However, the brand’s first name was changed to “Indian Springfield” because to the abbreviation of “Indian American.” The new Springfield is named after the town of Springfield, Massachusetts, in the United States. In 1901, Springfield became the first manufacturing location for Indian motorcycles.

2. Harley Davidson Electra Glide

Coolest Bike Name | Story Behind The Bike Names

Thanks to the entire engine fairing, the Electraglide has a sluggish V-twin engine, super comfort, panniers, and a top box. Do you realise, though, that the Electraglide wasn’t the most recent model? The Harley-Davidson “Panhead” “HydraGlide” is a re-design of the Harley FL 1941.Rather than using lettered identifiers, Harley chose a unique new name. The term refers to the new hydraulically-damped telescopic front forks that have taken the place of the leading-link components. When the vehicle received the latest rear suspension in 1958, it was renamed “DuoGlide.” And that’s the end of the storey!

3. Laverda Jota

This renowned Italian superbike from the 1970s is too good to pass up! From 1976 through 1982, the Laverda Jota reigned supreme. But, aside from its excellent specs, the bike has a lot more to offer! The Laverda 3C Triple has been improved for this guy. The factory should fit the Jota with racing parts, according to Slater Bros of Herefordshire. The Laverda Jota has a 1000cc engine that produces 90bhp, making it the fastest motorcycle ever made! Laverda is often known as the “Lamborghini” of the motorcycle world.

4. Ducati Monster

Coolest Bike Name | Story Behind The Bike Names

The Ducati Monster is widely regarded as the bike that saved the company from bankruptcy in the 1990s. The Monster was inspired by a poster of Marlon Brando riding a wild looking bike, and was designed by Miguel Galuzzi. Galuzzi sought to create lines that were clear, pure, and basic at the same time. As a result, the Monster was created. Due to Ducati’s credit troubles with suppliers, it almost didn’t make it into production and was dubbed Il Mostro in Italian. Cagiva, which had taken over Ducati in 1985, sought to market the bike under the Cagiva brand even back then. Due to a last-minute change of heart, the bike was shown as a Ducati at the 1992 Cologne Motor Show.

5. Triumph Daytona

Coolest Bike Name | Story Behind The Bike Names

This Triumph Bike got the moniker “Daytona”. Buddy Elmore took first place in the Daytona 200 in 1966. Triumph’s factory-tuned derivative of the 500cc Triumph Tiger was the Daytona 200.The Tiger had twin carbs, a redesigned head, and other modifications. It was a Bonneville “mini.” As a result, in 1967, the business launched a Daytona road version! The Triumph Daytona won again in Daytona, this time in the hands of Gary Nixon.

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