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Corvette Z06s are being Delivered with Mismatched Splitters

Chevrolet offers a carbon-fiber aero kit for the Corvette Z06 in either exposed weave or black paint. Unlike Ferrari or McLaren, who allow purchasers to customise carbon-fiber components, the Z06’s trim is consistent. Except for a few 2024 models, and Chevrolet is aware of this.

The problem originally surfaced in a YouTube video by Horsepower Obsessed, which shows a Z06 with exposed-weave trim on all save the splitter. It’s noticeable since the splitter rests immediately below dive planes with exposed carbon-fiber finishes.

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The owner saw the problem right away and complained to the dealer. Apparently, they are not alone, as GM released a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) to remedy the issue. According to Corvette Blogger, the TSB instructs dealers to “ask the customer if they want to receive the vehicle with the incorrect front splitter and return later for the correct part, or wait for the correct one before delivery.” It could take several weeks for the parts to arrive.

Functionally, there should be no problem because the splitters are identical save from the finish. Frankly, we believe the Z06 looks nice with the mismatched pieces, so who knows? In a few decades, Carlisle Corvettes may have the lone Z06 with the incorrect splitter from the factory.

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Of course, one can understand why the owners would be upset. The visible carbon-fiber aero pack costs $2,000 more than the black-painted version, and buyers should receive what they pay for.


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