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Delhi Aims 8,000 Electric Buses By 2025, Highest Among All Cities In India

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On Wednesday, Delhi added 97 more electric buses to the DTC fleet. These buses will join more than 100 other electric buses with more expected to be inducted soon.

Delhi plans to be the first city in India to have 8,000 electric buses in its public transportation fleet. Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi, stated that his administration intends to electrify the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTV) fleet by 80% within the next three years. (buy ambien cr) Tata Motors delivered 97 more electric buses to the national capital on Wednesday. The DTC will have jurisdiction over these buses. 50 of them will be based at the Rajghat depot. Each bus requires approximately 40 minutes to fully recharge.

Kejriwal announced at the flag-off ceremony on Wednesday that 8,000 electric buses will arrive in the national capital by 2025. “We are gradually replacing old, polluting buses with electric buses. Many countries have cutting-edge transportation systems. We will follow in their footsteps and create the most effective and efficient transportation model in Delhi “During the event, Kejriwal stated.

Delhi already has 153 electric buses on the road, the majority of which are operated by the DTC and some as cluster units. With 97 new additions to the fleet, Delhi’s total electric bus strength now stands at 250. When the national capital inducts 50 more by the end of next month, it will soon reach 300. “We are in the process of acquiring another 1,500 e-buses, which should arrive in November 2023. So, by the end of next year, we will have 1,800 e-buses. Following that, the pace of the e-bus revolution will pick up even more. We plan to add 6,380 more e-buses to our fleet by the end of 2025 “Kejriwal continued.

Delhi currently has 7,373 buses running on a daily basis. More than half of them are operated by DTC, while the remainder are part of the Delhi Integrated Multimodal Transit Systems (DIMTS). If everything goes according to plan, the number will exceed 10,000. “With over 8,000 e-buses, Delhi will become the city with the most e-buses in the country,” Kejriwal said.

In addition to introducing new electric buses, the state government is focusing on EV charging infrastructure for public transportation vehicles. By the end of next year, approximately 55 bus depots in Delhi will have their own EV charging stations. At least three of them were recently inaugurated by Kejriwal. 17 more are set to be inaugurated by June of next year.

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