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Officer Throws Stop Stick At Stolen Dodge Charger Doing 140 MPH Before Crashing Other Cars

A 16-year-old teen driver was detained after a high-speed crash in Minnesota caused by a stolen Dodge Charger. The officer who attempted to stop the car by tossing a stop stick before the collision said that it was travelling at a speed of over 140 mph (225 km/h).

The event took place in St. Paul, Minnesota, on Friday night. Everything began when a Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department deputy saw a red Dodge Charger with no licence plates, which later turned out to be stolen. According to CBS News, the young driver attempted to leave the area while travelling at a speed of 120 mph (193 mph) on Maryland Avenue.

The full video uploaded on YouTube by MN Safety shows footage from the dashcam of a second police car that tried to stop the speeding Charger without initiating a police chase. After the incident, the officer said: “I’ve gotta tell you, I’ve seen plenty of fast cars folks and I’ve never seen a car moving that fast”. One officer can be seen throwing a stop stick at the Dodge Charger which flew by at 140 mph (225 km/h).

After an unsuccessful attempt to stop a stolen vehicle, the police car follows its path at normal speeds. Stop sticks have a deployment cord that normally should be thrown on the road before the car approaches. The officer in this case didn’t have enough time to complete the deployment of the cord.

Despite the severity of the crash, there are no reported deaths, only injuries. The speeding Charger crashed into the back of a car launching it into a front yard. The 16-year-old suspect was found unconscious on the driver’s seat of the Dodge, before paramedics arrived on the scene and took him to the hospital.


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