Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Volkswagen in making EV With A 700 km Range & 200 Kw Fast Charging

Volkswagen has announced the development of a new modular electric vehicle platform called MEB+, which will be an advanced and evolved version of the much-touted MEB architecture. The upcoming MEB+ electric vehicle architecture, according to the automaker, will take the MEB platform’s capabilities to the next level. It also stated that the MEB+ would be the MEB’s next-generation iteration. This new EV architecture is said to have a range of 700 kilometres and fast charging capabilities of 200 kW.

Volkswagen also stated that this platform would provide improved charging and storage technology, as well as improved digital infrastructure for connectivity. The MEB+ is also said to represent a significant advancement in autonomous driving technologies. Volkswagen’s next generation of battery packs, known as unit cells or prismatic unified cells, will be used in the new EV architecture. These advanced battery cells will be critical in increasing the driving range and charging time of the automaker’s future electric vehicles. The MEB platform currently supports the fastest charging rate of 135 kW. In that case, MEB+ will be a significant improvement over the current EV architecture.

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The German automaker believes that implementing MEB+ will allow it to significantly expand its model lineup. Volkswagen has committed to releasing at least ten new electric vehicles under its core brand by 2026. There will be an entry-level model as well as some performance and luxury vehicles. The MEB+ architecture is likely to underpin these upcoming electric vehicles. However, neither the automaker nor the timing of these launches have been confirmed.

Speaking about the much-hyped MEB platform, Volkswagen introduced this architecture in 2019 with the launch of the Volkswagen ID.3. This modular platform currently underpins more than 670,000 electric vehicles across the group. These include more than 500,000 Volkswagen EVs alone, while the other models come from brands such as Audi, Skoda, Cupra etc.


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