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Worlds First 2022 Ford Lightning EV Dyno Test

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We’ve received a few requests for Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck dyno tests, but there hasn’t been a lot of good coverage. Perhaps InsideEVs or one of our friends will get it done eventually, but the video above, published on YouTube by Texas Truck Channel, does a good job of sharing the testing process and challenges of “dynoing” a dual-motor all-wheel-drive full-size electric truck.

Texas Truck Channel, as you may have guessed, is not an EV channel. It does, however, now have some electric trucks to cover, and more are on the way. The channel has already published multiple videos about various electric SUVs, as well as at least one other video covering the Ford F-150 Lightning, which it calls the “The Next Best Seller.”

In a nutshell, Texas Truck Channel assigns a “Hipster Scale” rating to vehicles. They assist people in determining whether a vehicle is right for them by providing their thoughts on the interior, exterior, powertrain, and dynamics of each vehicle. The guys are clearly impressed with the F-150 Lightning, and we’ve included their previous review at the bottom of the page.

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With that out of the way, it was time to put the electric Ford F-150 on the dyno. They travelled to Fort Worth, Texas, to install the Lightning on the Dynocom DC 6000. The company’s proprietary setup is designed to accommodate EVs, and it’s one of the few options for testing the Lightning that’s readily available.

According to Texas Truck Channel, the dual-motor all-wheel-drive F-150 Lightning is not like a “normal” truck. They’ll need readings from both axles and motors, and neither can be turned off. The procedure is actually more difficult than you might think. While all-wheel-drive dynos are available, very few are large enough to accommodate the F-150 Lightning.

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The video is concise and to the point. As always, we recommend watching it in its entirety. However, Texas Truck Channel has provided the following chapters and timestamps in case you want to narrow your search:


  • 0:00 | Intro
  • 2:47 | Dynocom DC 6000
  • 5:19 | EV Dyno Challenges
  • 9:38 | Ford Lightning Dyno Results

After you’ve had the opportunity to watch the F-150 Lightning dyno test above, scroll down and leave us your takeaways below. Then, check out Texas Truck Channel’s initial take on the Lightning in the video below.

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