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Ford Falcon Sprint 1964 | Daddy Of American Muscle Cars

Ford Falcon Sprint was the best car from Ford in 1964 that was named Daddy of American Muscle.

American Muscle is made from ages, from being fast and fun to be an uncontrollable car due to the amount of power they delivered. Let’s talk about the Ford in 1964 when the gasoline Hemi V8 engines ruled the world. In those times Ford built an insane car that looked truly American, the Falcon. The Flacon had an upgraded top version” Flacon Sprint”.

The ’64 flacon sprint was also a part of the Total Performance campaign, as Ford wanted all types of race cars including Lemans. After that Ford entered eight new Flacon Sprints having 305 hp V8 engines in their upcoming races.

Model Ford Falcon Sprint 1964
Price$2500 (coupe) ; $2660 (convertible)
Engine260 cubic inch Windsor V8
Torque 350-Nm
Top speed142-mph

Ford Falcon Design

The design of the car had the amazing look, with those side fenders there car looks bulky. It had the signature round lights at the back and front and the hardtop completes the design. It had those chrome rims giving a muscular look that perfectly match the body.

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Falcon Specs

The entry-level Falcon Sprint is powered by a turbocharged 4.0-L 6-cylinder engine producing 435 horsepower with 424 pound-feet of torque. The sprint’s top-end model had 260 cubic inches Windsor V8 a power output of 496 horsepower and 479 lb-ft torque. It has a top speed of 142 mph and 0 to 60 mph in 6.8 secs.

Flacon Sprint Price Today

Falcon repressed Ford’s total performance styling in 1964. Only 18,108 units of the sprint were even made in which 4000 units were convertible. The price of the car was $2,500 and $2,660 for the convertible version. The sprint is a collector’s car as Jay Lano also has one in his collection and the convertible version is hard to see anywhere. This is all about the Ford Falcon Sprint.


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