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Future-Tesla Cybertruck-Inspired Bike, The Model M Electric Cybercycle Study

This is an independent design study by Victor Rodriguez Gomez that is neither related to nor endorsed by Tesla.

The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the few concepts that has divided popular opinion. It’s adventurous, disregards conventional design signals, and has proven to be inspirational. Victor Rodriguez Gomez, a design professional, produced the Model M, a Cybertruck-themed motorcycle for the future.

Rodriguez’s project brief is plain and simple. “Of the near future, the exponential expansion in population combined with a culture of massive consumerism will necessitate the need for multipurpose, efficient, and eco-friendly means of individual transportation,” he argues.

If the “Tesla Model M” is ever manufactured, it may likely suit that role. The electric motor would be located very low in the chassis, with the battery pack immediately above it, according to design sketches. The hubless wheels make it evident that you’re not looking at a typical bike.

The flip-out handles give the bike a sleek appearance and tribute to the stow-away handles seen on every Tesla in the current lineup. The back tail light, which creates a bright red M, also clearly indicates the bike’s name.

Rodriguez also has a brilliant way of making the Model M considerably more than just a daily mode of transportation. A substantial portion of the bike is designed to be removable storage that also functions as a backpack. It also houses the start/stop button, thus when removed, it acts as a theft prevention mechanism.

While a project as brash and daring as Project M may wind up being nothing more than a fantasy design exercise, it is vital to emphasise that it may be more. While nothing has been made public as of yet, Tesla has trademarked the phrase Cyberpack. This is significant since another Tesla devotee had already made a backpack that resembled some of the Cybertruck’s aesthetic cues.

Even if this bike never sees the light of day, it demonstrates how significant the Cybertruck and Tesla as a whole are. Whatever your personal feelings are about the firm, it is evident that it is having an impact on a large number of individuals.


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