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TVS NTorq-Based Superbike Looks Amazing

This has to be one of the coolest superbike iterations based on the TVS NTorq by a digital artist. For the uninitiated, NTorq is a TVS 125-cc scooter. Its modern incarnation is quite sporty, with aggressive styling and sharp creases and angles throughout the body. Abin Designs attempted to emulate that aspect with a touch of magic in this digital concept to reveal this one-of-a-kind illustration. Let’s take a look at the specifics of this virtual superbike right now.

TVS NTorq-Based Superbike

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The digital illustration appears to be ready for the production line. The overall length is short, indicating its distinct origins. The headlamp, on the other hand, bears a striking resemblance. The compact headlight cluster’s V-shaped LED DRLs directly inform the inspiration from the NTorq scooter. There are also sharp creases taken from the scooter. This digital concept also includes a massive fairing, a sculpted fuel tank, a split-seat setup, and massive body panels to protect the engine and other components.

TVS NTorq-Based Superbike

TVS NTorq Digitally Portrayed as Sportbike, Looks Fantastic

Furthermore, the wind visor and handlebar are both compact. The exhaust system is sporty, with a chrome exhaust pipe tip. The alloy wheels are black and have an intricate design. The front wheel is wide, and the rear wheel is even wider, as is common on sports bikes. The tank shrouds, sleek tail section, and black-green graphics are all very sporty. The second image features a red paint theme with black body graphics, a fantastic colour combination. Overall, this illustration provides viewers with a distinct new perspective.

Finally, we’d like to hear from our viewers about their thoughts on this novel concept. To create such unique versions of popular products, creative digital automobile designers apply their passion and talent. This allows actual bike owners to get ideas for aftermarket modifications that many are willing to do. However, before making any changes to your bike, make sure you notify the local authorities.

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