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8 Iconic American Cop Cars | American Police Cars

Cops have utilised a range of vehicles, including family sedans, muscle cars, and everything in between. There were also a few genuinely famous and legendary cars that were either famous in their own right or because they were used by the police. Cool cars are nothing new to the police. Even police cars have been among the world’s fastest cars. Here are 8 iconic best American cop cars.

American Cop Police CarsYear
Ford Crown Victoria P711990s
Dodge Polara Pursuit1960s
Ford Mustang SSP1980s
Dodge Charger Pursuit2014
Ford Fairlane Police Package1960s
Chevrolet Caprice 9C11990s
AMC Matador PPV1975s
Dodge Diplomat Police Package1970s

1. Ford Crown Victoria P71

You probably have already been stopped by one, so you were aware that this would be the first. Every significant police agency has relied on the Ford Crown Victoria since the late 1990s, and for good reason. The spacious sedan’s 4.6L V8 engine and sturdy build were perfect for the police. In 20 model years, more than 600k units were produced, which is impressive for any model.

The car could reach 60 mph in about 8 seconds thanks to the 4.6L V8’s 250 horsepower. Without the Crown Victoria, the car was capable of 140 mph, but the governor limited it to 119 mph. Recently, many police departments have begun to retire their vehicles, which then go up for auction at fleet sales. Due to the large number of units produced, you have witnessed. With such a large production run you have seen the Crown Victoria all over the big screen. From chasing down Memphis in Gone In 60 Seconds to the Dukes in The Dukes Of Hazzard movie.

2. Dodge Polara Pursuit

The Dodge Polara was the car of choice for the police throughout the 1960s. The car had a powerful presence thanks to its large 440 V8 engine, plush interior, and commanding exterior. Numerous organisations across the nation, most notably the California Highway Patrol, used the Polara. The only vehicle in the CHP fleet capable of catching exotics like the Porsche 911 was the Polara.

The first police vehicle with a top speed of 150 mph—quick by even today’s standards—was a Dodge Polara with a 440 V8. The Polara’s 6.8 0-60 time was also faster than that of many modern police cars. The Dodge Polara was the highway patrol’s preferred car, even when compared to more contemporary vehicles, according to a segment on Jay Leno’s Garage.

3. Ford Mustang SSP

Police in the 1980s and the early 1990s had few options for pursuing speeders. What were they to do when the Diplomat could hardly reach 110 mph and the Caprice 9C1 wasn’t much better? The Mustang with the cheapest options, a 5.0L V8, and a 5-speed was ordered by the California Highway Patrol, who also started the trend.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the Mustang SSP was popular with highway patrol agencies, and some departments still have them on display or used for pursuits. They have also gained popularity in the aftermarket sector due to their lightweight design and use of the largest engine. Oh, and there’s the fact that it appeared on CHiPs.

4. Dodge Charger Pursuit

For almost two decades, the law’s preferred method of apprehending criminals has been the Charger Pursuit. Over the past two generations, the 5.7L HEMI, which generates 340–375 horsepower, has been the engine of choice. The Pursuit Charger has a top speed of 155 mph and can reach 60 mph in 5.5 seconds (some say the real figure is much higher though).

There are many movies and video games that have included the Charger. In Driver: San Francisco, players could use the Charger to complete missions. One is fast enough to keep up with Challengers and Mustangs that have been modified, according to a contributor to Hot Cars.

5. Ford Fairlane Police Package

In the 1950s and the first half of the 1960s, police departments tended to favour the Ford Fairlane. The formula police cars have stuck to to this day is a big, comfortable cruiser with a strong V8 under the hood and a low price.

The fictional Mayberry police force from The Andy Griffith Show chose the Fairlane. We can consider something to be satisfactory if Andy Taylor and Barney Fife found it to be so. Being the blueprint for all upcoming police vehicles is also a big deal.

6. Chevrolet Caprice 9C1

Throughout the 1990s, the fuzz was powered by the Caprice. The Caprice was the other RWD, body-on-frame V8-powered sedan available before the Crown Victoria. The Caprice’s venerable LT1 V8 produced 260 horsepower and had a top speed of 149 mph, making it faster than the majority of contemporary police cars. The Caprice became a shop favourite because the pushrod V8 was simple to repair and easy to find parts for.

Throughout the 1990s, The Caprice graced movie screens, most notably in Jumanji and Black Sheep. The Caprice, a true hero of a vehicle in our eyes, was the vehicle that assisted the LAPD in apprehending O.J. Simpson and safeguarded officers during the 1997 North Hollywood Shootout. The Caprice is a popular choice for hot rodders thanks to the LT1 and heavy-duty police equipment found on the 9C1. Chevrolet rebadged a 9C1 and put on new body panels for the Impala SS even.

7. AMC Matador PPV

Particularly in the police market, AMC wasn’t a significant player. There have only ever been two AMC models used by the police, with the midsize Matador being the more common model. AMC used a performance-oriented 401 cubic-inch V8, capable of a respectable 0-60 time of under 7 seconds and a top speed of 125 mph.

LAPD were the Matador’s biggest users because they thought it was quicker and more nimble than what the Big Three had to offer. The Matador graced TV screens across America as the preferred police vehicle of LA’s finest. The biggest spotlights for the Matador were Adam-12 and The Dukes of Hazzard. The LAPD made good use of this underappreciated muscle car.

8. Dodge Diplomat Police Package

Dodge introduced the Diplomat in the late 1970s for use by fleets and upscale customers. The Diplomat was unpopular in the business world, but the police bought them. The V8 engine and the smooth ride were a hit with the police.

Even on the big screen, The Diplomat became well-known thanks to appearances in movies like Short Time and Beverley Hills Cop. Even by 1980s standards, the 318 cubic inch V8 wasn’t particularly quick, but the 9-second 0-60 was sufficient for police work. Dodge discontinued the Diplomat in 1988, and departments instead began using the Crown Victoria and Caprice.


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