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Czech Police Are Patrolling The Streets In A Ferrari 458 Italia That They Seized

In order to supply police agencies with high-performance cruisers, car manufacturers frequently make deals with them. These police cars are typically only used for display and advertising, but the Czech Republic’s newest patrol car is a little different.

Recently, authorities in the nation acquired a Ferrari 458 Italia—not through a collaboration with the car, but rather after seizing it. Although we haven’t been able to locate any information as to why the 458 was taken from its previous owner, local officials felt it would be prudent to use the car right away.

The 458 Italia underwent a lot of modifications to prepare it for police work. It was resprayed in a straightforward silver colour, and all necessary police marking, including highlights in vivid yellow and blue, was added. It had a brand-new camera system, a police radio, and a radar gun as well. The total amount spent by police to prepare the 458 Italia for its official duty was CZK 340,000 ($14,000). The automobile had only been driven 2,000 km (1,242 miles) since it was new and had been stored for 10 years before it seized, so they also had to invest CZK 130,000 (about $5,400) to ensure it runs properly.

According to Czech authorities, they plan to employ the 458 Italia to hunt down the nation’s illicit street racers. Additionally, it will be utilised by the Special Surveillance Department to monitor “tuning chores,” do other highway patrolling tasks, and look for stolen cars.

The Ferrari is one of nearly 900 automobiles that authorities claim to have confiscated in the last year; they add that the 458 is not “even the most precious or rarest vehicle” among them all. The vast majority of the vehicles that the police confiscate are then auctioned, with the earnings going to pay for the harm that the criminal has done. The police make use of a few of them.


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