Iconic Cars That Made A Successful Comeback


There are many cars that are so popular yet not sold anymore. This is possible due to some internal reasons or updations in rules that the old car does not comply with. But the people that own and love the car, keep maintaining them. Whereas some vehicles have a cult following and large fanbase that want a revival of their beloved car.

And when the company listens to them and revives the vehicle, it becomes an instant hit due to being popular already and ruling the hearts of people. Today, we are going to see some of the successful comebacks of famous cars:-

1. Ford Bronco: Back to The Roots

Car Revival 1 : Bronco

Bronco was a popular and reliable; truck-like Ford car. From 1965 to 1996, it was a really good seller. But due to the reduction in demand, ford had to discontinue it. But after that; it became an icon. The Bronco was popular with youth who restored their family truck beautifully and continued to use it. So after the announcement of the Bronco revival, the hype was real. Plus, with the original Bronco revival, there are also two SUV versions that form the ‘Bronco Family’. We have to say, it was a great decision.

2. Hummer: GMC’s Electric Revival

Car Revival 2: Hummer

The word ‘Hummer’ speaks class and bling. Originally a military workhorse, brought to the streets by AM General and later continued by GM. While its engine is powerful as the car looks, it sadly didn’t give much mileage. The rise in fuel prices meant that it was ridiculously expensive to drive a Hummer. This made GM discontinue the car. It has still been a popular car to date. But when GMC announced that they will be making an electric pickup, no one expected Hummer to make a comeback. At the time of its reveal, people’s excitement was at its peak. This can be proven by the fact that in the first 10 minutes of opening of its pre-booking, the ‘Edition 1’ model was sold completely.

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3. Toyota Supra: Reviving A Legend

Car Revival 3: Supra

A legendary name on the JDM car scene, the Toyota Supra Mk4 is enthusiasts’ favourite. Toyota discontinued the car in 1998. Due to fans desperately wanting a revival, the Supra made a comeback in partnership with BMW, who gave the Z4 platform to the new Supra. The initial response was negative and was a subject of various memes. But as the car was released, it proved that it is not just a rebadged BMW Z4 and it can carry the legacy of the ‘Supra’ name forward.

4. Mini Cooper: Revival by BMW

Car Revival 4: Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper is a legend. It is the star of the classic movie ‘The Italian Job’, both the original and the remake. The original Mini is an absolute gem and a great driver’s car. BMW bought Mini’s parent company Rover in 1994. Rover group initially planned just an aesthetic nod to the original, but it was BMW that gave the car a total revival. Since its comeback, it been a very popular model; selling like hotcakes in its cooper S, countryman and clubman variants.

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5. Alpine A110: Renault’s Classic Revival

If you are an old rally fan, you might be knowing Alpine. It was a popular french brand back in its day. This iconic brand was resurrected in 2016 in conjunction with Renault. Its design resembles the original with a few modern twists. It gets power from the two-litre engine that produces 255 HP. This helps the vehicle go from 0-60 in just 4.5 seconds.

6. Dodge Challenger: A Powerful Revival of a Classic Muscle Car

The original challenger, sold from 1970 to 1974 is a legendary muscle car. The R/T models got their power from V8 engines like the 440 Six-Pack and 426 Hemi. The 1978-83 model, based on the Mitsubishi Gallant turned it from a classic muscle car to a standard forgettable car. Thankfully, the 2008 comeback of the model revived the original muscle car looks with power to match it. The R/T variant came back in 2009 and shortly after that, a sportier SRT version came. Today, its Hellcat and Demon variants are the quickest and most powerful muscle cars. The SRT Demon is the factory-fitted drag racer model of the challenger.

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7. Nissan ‘Z’ Models: Performance Made Affordable

What was started by Datsun, Nissan continued after buying it. The 240Z was a very popular car back in the day. Its tuning potential made it known as a “Personal GT Car”. Nissan revived the branding once with the 350Z and 370Z which quickly gained popularity. They were especially popular as drift cars as they were in the movie, ‘ Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift’. Nissan is reviving the Z branding again with the Z Proto Concept. It retains the iconic lines of the 350Z and 370Z.

8. Jeep Gladiator: Pickin’ Up in The Pick Up

Last but not the least, is the Jeep Gladiator. Jeep used this nameplate from 1962 to 1988 for its Wagoneer-based pickups. Jeep stopped using the nameplate after 1971. The model made a comeback in 2018’s LA Auto Show as a concept and is on sale since spring 2019. It is now based on the Wrangler JL and is the company’s first pickup truck since the 1992 Comanche.

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