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Some Interesting Facts about Lexus cars

Lexus is a luxury division of Toyota that a lot of automotive enthusiasts will surely tell us. Many will think about thoughts that Toyota made will creating it’s luxury division. Want to know some interesting facts about Lexus brand? Here we have some of them which a lot of automotive freaks will find interesting.

1. No sale of cars in country of Origin

Interesting facts about Lexus

Many of us would be shocked that how come Lexus didn’t sell their cars in Japan. The answer is that the Japanese market was dominated by German and Italian cars before 2005 and many people didn’t see Lexus as a Luxury car brand in Japan. Lexus made it’s first sale in 1989 but they started selling cars after 16 years in domestic market.

2. Only Best designers for crafting Lexus Cars

Interesting facts about Lexus

Those designers who are behind the Lexus designs have 25 years of experience in designing cars. Lexus doesn’t allow any freshers to be a part of automotive designing in their team to ensure best quality products. Like we have UPSC examination for IAS officers in India, Lexus also conducts examinations to choose best designers that can do designing.

3. Time taken for designing a Lexus car

Interesting facts about Lexus
2022 Lexus ES 

Designing a Lexus car revolves around the vision of designers at the company. The designs that the brand creates takes 5-10 years to make a road presence in the real world. The Lexus LFA took ten years to make a presence in the real world.

4. It’s an industry leader in the Hybrids

Another interesting fact about Lexus is that 95% of the cars sold in the UK are hybrids, which are better for the environment because they can also run on electricity instead of simply gasoline. Lexus cars are termed to be environment friendly as their hybrid cars sit well in the environment.

5. Partnership with Yamaha for engines

Lexus RX450H
Lexus RX450H

In fact, the attention to detail when building luxury vehicles is so great that even the engine’s sound is given careful consideration. Lexus worked with Yamaha to modify the engine for the ideal sound when creating the Lexus LFA. Yamaha developed a potent V10 engine that resonates in a cabin for the best driving sensation. That the engine’s parts could provide pleasing noise.

6. Lexus LFA Nurburgring as most expensive car Lexus

Despite the fact that Toyota is typically associated with affordable vehicles, the Lexus LFA Nurburgring has an outrageous price tag of $375,000 instead. Only the wealthiest of the wealthy will be able to afford one of these elegant rides. Despite the business spending ten years designing the car, it was only built for one year and just 500 cars were made. It is not surprising that the price of a Lexus is high simply because it is a premium vehicle.

7. Vision of Toyota behind Lexus

Lexus ES 300H
Lexus ES 300H

While the majority of other luxury brands were established in the early to mid-20th century, Lexus was only introduced to the public in 1989. Toyota intends to produce a high-end flagship car under its own brand. As a result, the Lexus brand was established. The initial Lexus car design started in 1983, and it took a full six years before the first vehicle was released.

8. Interior fit and finish

2022 Lexus NX 350h
Interesting facts about Lexus

The leather we get to see in Lexus cars is Nuluxe leather produces less CO² during emissions. With the leather and other manufacturing, Lexus cars are proved to be very much environment friendly.

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