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Is Tesla Plaid Actually that Fast | Fastest Four-Door car?

The automotive world today is now at a different level with some of the most impossible things, like achieving the fastest 0-60 miles in 1.99 secs.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is the man that talks about some insane impossible things that are possible. He claims that the Tesla Plaid is the fastest 0-60 mile car that you can buy today. But it’s possible within some conditions only.

Tesla Model S Plaid

Tesla Model S Plaid

At the time of the first Model S in 2016, it was faster than a two million dollar car which was insane. This made a big difference as the Model S cost 10 times less and had four-seat luxury also. But when the Plaid was announced Elon gave some impossible numbers to it saying it would do 0-60 in 1.99 secs. This was something that no production car had ever done.

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Is It Possible?

Tesla Model S Plaid

Let’s take a falling car from a plane. A free-falling car will reach 44mph in 2 secs and 60mph in +0.7 secs. At full power, the Plaid is producing 1.3Gs that’s more than gravity itself. No Tesla’s website you will find an asterisk near the 0-60 in 1.99secs, that says that it can’t do it any time and any conditions. It requires the proper settings do to that.

Real-Life Test

Tesla Model S Plaid

The Motortrend recorded the 0-60 was 2.28 secs, whereas Elon claimed that no production car has ever done 0-60 under 2secs. Also, according to Motortrend to get that insane acceleration the plaid has to be on an actual drag strip. Because drag strips are extra sticky with extra grip and coated with synthetic resin. Over that, on a regular asphalt, the Plaid was able to do 2.7 secs with roll-out subtracted.

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Enable Max Performance

The Tesla Plaid has over 1020 electric horses, whereas the F1 cars also have over a thousand horsepower and the fastest quarter-mile of them was 9.2secs. F1 cars are not designed for drag races but neither is the Plaid. As it’s a four-door car with 4,500 pounds which is equal to three F1 cars or an SUV.

Tesla Model S Plaid

The Motortrend also tested the quarter-mile on the asphalt which came to be 9.34 secs. That is still faster than anything else you can buy, even a $3 million Bugatti Chiron takes 9.4secs to do that. To get the max performance you have to enable drag strip mode. This process takes about 15 mins and preconditions where the batteries are at the ideal temperature. And the motors are cooled down to have the max power output.

Cheetah Stance

Tesla Model S Plaid

When the car is in all the ideal conditions and ready for the launch, the front suspensions lower down raising the rears. This position is when the car is ready for all the force that will act on while launching. The 1.99sec with the fastest quarter-mile is possible, but there are some rules for the cars that do a quarter-mile faster than 9.99 secs. It has to have a roll cage and maybe a parachute in case the breaks fail.



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