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Jaguar To Mark 75 Years Of Sports Cars With Special F-Type Later This Year

The F-Type will be the last internal combustion Jaguar sports car.

Jaguar is undergoing significant transformation as it strives to become a leading maker of high-end electrified automobiles. The Jaguar brand’s whole portfolio will need to be overhauled as a result of this new paradigm change. Jaguar is working on a customised electric vehicle architecture that will propel the company into the future. This drive for new technology coincides with a commemoration of the company’s iconic internal combustion automobiles, such as the Jaguar F-Type, which will get a special trim later this year.

Jaguar intends to commemorate its cherished internal combustion engines by devoting a significant amount of work on the Jaguar F-Type, which will be the company’s final internal combustion sports vehicle. “As we approach 2023, we’ll be commemorating 75 years of Jaguar sports cars, and the F-Type will be the final internal combustion engine Jaguar sports vehicle,” Bolloré told Auto Express. It’ll be a great remembrance of the past.”

Jaguar Land Rover CEO Thierry Bolloré discussed the future of the JLR brand in an interview with Auto Express. Jaguars, according to Bolloré, will use a fresh new electric vehicle chassis that is presently in development, with test mules expected to reach the road shortly. This new platform will lead the Jaguar brand into its EV-based future where it plans to sell high-end EVs in the $100,000 price bracket.

Before this news, the Jaguar brand and its plans for the future have been very quiet and seemed almost non-existent. Bolloré explains that JLR was quietly working on the new Jaguar EV platform while also working to promote its new Land Rover Defender 130 three-row SUV.

Only the electric i-Pace SUV will remain in the existing Jaguar portfolio as the company continues to march toward this new future. All present Jaguars with internal combustion engines will either become electric vehicles or become obsolete.

Are you excited about a Jaguar ultra-luxury automobile lineup that is all electric?

Source: Auto Express


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