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Kleanbus Has Developed A Modular Platform That Can Turn Any Diesel Bus Into Electric

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British company Kleanbus says that it can create a modular platform for any bus by scanning and prototyping its interior.

Kleanbus, a British bus company, has unveiled a modular platform technology that can convert any diesel-powered bus into an electric vehicle. The company believes that this is the most cost-effective and time-efficient way of replacing the diesel and hybrid powertrains of existing buses across the UK in order to transition the fleet to zero emissions. The platform can accommodate both single and double-decker buses.

The company’s modular platform has been developed alongside “leading Tier 1 suppliers” and makes use of electric motors that don’t use permanent magnets and are, therefore, free of all rare earth materials.


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The company claims that by scanning and prototyping the interior of any bus, it can design a platform that will work for it. Once a custom e-drivetrain has been designed and tested, the company can retrofit an individual bus with the all-electric system in less than two weeks.

According to the company, converting an existing diesel or hybrid bus to an electric bus costs one-fifth the price of purchasing a new electric bus. The company also provides a variety of options. According to the company, operators can finance their vehicle in a variety of ways, including paying upfront and leasing the battery or paying nothing upfront and leasing both the vehicle and the battery.

Currently, 97% of UK buses are powered by diesel engines that emit high levels of carbon, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter, and there are approximately 35,000 of them on the road. As a result, decarbonizing the country’s transportation sector is a major challenge.

According to Joe Tighe, co-founder of Kleanbus, replacing these vehicles with new electric buses is an expensive option for private companies, while government subsidies will take many years due to fleet turnover rates. As a result, Kleanbus’ solution is a quick and efficient path to zero-emissions.

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