Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Lamborghini Aventador RC Car Is Transformed Into A Functional Drone

There has never been a shortage of flying car designs in history. The marriage of the vehicle and the aeroplane has long been a pipe dream, but creating them and making them safe is no simple feat. People are having difficulty handling the road-bound cars that today’s automakers are manufacturing, and adding flying capabilities to their complexity would not help.

Flying cars have been predicted for decades. While there is always talk about the next big thing and lots of concepts fighting for investment cash, none of them have yet to become a sustainable product for the people. However, flying automobiles on a smaller scale are feasible, as demonstrated by a new video from the Make Your OWN Creation Make Your OWN Creation YouTube channel.

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The project begins with a red Lamborghini Aventador RC car. Flight needs just a few components, such as rotors, electric motors, and mounting gear. The plastic rotors and support structure, which attaches to the end of wings affixed to the Lamborghini’s doors, are painted red to match the car’s appearance. A tiny hole beneath each wing allows the wiring to enter the vehicle’s interior.

The electric motors are glued to the support framework, three on each side for a total of six. Soldering links the cabling between the rotors, while soldering connects the rotors to a remote-controlled helicopter’s motor control board. This finds its way into the cabin.

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The final piece of construction adds a tail for stability, but the improvised flying contraption is far from steady and doesn’t fly very well. The car bobs and swirls without rising too much off the ground. It retains its car’s standard RC controls, allowing it to drive on the ground as well. The video description includes a list of the items required for the construction, all of which were purchased from Amazon.

Something fresh and interesting can be created with a little imagination and a few spare pieces. The Lamborghini drone will not be as steady or easy to fly as a specialised drone, but the purpose of such a project isn’t so much the completed result as it is the road to get there.

Source: Make Your OWN Creation Make Your OWN Creation / YouTube


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