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Lamborghini Sold Out in India For 2023 as Demand Surges!

Lamborghini says it is sold out for the Indian market in 2023, despite a strong surge in demand following the pandemic. The Italian supercar-maker has witnessed incredible growth across the globe. Markets in both developing and developed countries are lining up to purchase the supercar brand’s impressively engineered products. This includes models like the Huracan, Aventador, and luxury SUV Urus. All of its cars cost significantly more than Rs 4 Crore in India. Despite this, businesspeople and celebrities are putting money into the brand.

Lamborghini Sold Out for 2023

In 2023, it was originally intended to sell 100 cars in India. But we haven’t even finished February yet, and 90 of these have already been ordered. These have been in high demand from Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNIs), and the company is in the process of filling those orders. Francesco Scardaoni, director of Lamborghini’s Asia-Pacific division, stated: “We are already sold out for the year as far as deliveries for 2023.”

Additionally, he noted that with an impressive 30% increase in sales on an annual basis, India was one of Lamborghini’s fastest growing markets. 90 cars were sold in the nation in 2022 compared to 1,000 in China. The main causes of the sports SUVs and cars’ poor practicality, according to Scardoani, are India’s subpar road system and high import taxes. China, in contrast, has amazing roads connecting the cities, which explains why such products sell like hotcakes there.

Scardaoni says, in reference to general trends, “More are being sold. In our line of work, an order book typically spans more than 18 months. For the record, the production for 2023 has already been consumed. Currently, we are selling (for) 2024. The fact that the daily orderbook is still so high also surprises us. These are unmistakable signs that the brand will experience a boom the following year as well. Worldwide demand for Lamborghini products has increased exponentially since the pandemic.


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