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MG ZS EV And Tata Tiago Crash Will Question On GNCAP

The MG ZS EV’s GNCAP safety ratings aren’t available, but the Tata Tiago has a 4-star rating. Tiago has performed even better in a number of incidents than would be expected based on its already stellar safety rating. In fact, because of this, people frequently refer to it as a “tank” or “Lord Tiago.” On the other hand, MG products have also performed admirably in a variety of risky circumstances. But no crash tests have been performed on its SUVs. Let’s wait and see what transpires when these two “meet.”

Nikhil Rana posted about this incident on his YouTube channel. Through his content, he hopes to raise awareness of the value of purchasing vehicles with high safety ratings. A vehicle in front of the ZS EV abruptly stopped, according to the information in this video. So, the EV’s driver had to move quickly. However, due to a lack of time, he wound up striking the car’s back end. The ZS EV was struck from behind by a Toyota Innova Crysta at the same time that a Tata Tiago, which was following the Innova, suffered a similar fate. According to reports, nobody was hurt in this unfortunate incident.

The ZS EV has gotten away with the least amount of damage, as shown by the images in the video. The Innova’s rear bumper is broken on one side, but the bonnet is slightly bent. The spare tyre has also detached as a result of the Tiago collision. Last but not least, Tiago, which was moving at a relatively high speed, suffered damage to its grille, bumper, and bonnet. Nevertheless, the side pillars cushioned the impact and protected the occupants. This demonstrates that the safety rating is appropriate. We anticipate that MG will also test some of its SUVs.

Finally, we would like to emphasize to our esteemed readers the value of safe driving and observing traffic laws. It’s best practise to keep a safe distance from the cars in front of you on the highway. By doing so, you’ll be certain to have enough time to react even if the vehicle in front suddenly has to brake. Second, speeding always puts pressure on the driver because it gives them no time to adjust to changing road conditions. As a result, overspeeding must always be avoided.

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