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Private Bus Hits Scooter Father & Son Miraculously Escaped

Numerous accidents have been caused in the past by rash driving by bus and other heavy vehicle drivers. Accidents involving reckless driving involve more than just heavy vehicles and are frequently reported from all over the nation. Some of these collisions or accidents result in fatalities, but many victims miraculously survive them. One such incident occurred recently in Kerala, where a private bus being driven rashly struck a father and son who were riding a scooter. By some miracle, neither the father nor the son suffered any serious injuries.

Manorama News has posted the video to their YouTube channel. The entire incident was captured on camera by a CCTV system installed inside a store. Everything that happens in the store and on the road is captured by the camera’s placement. There are a fair amount of cars on the road, and it appears to be a congested and narrow road. After a short while, the camera captures a private bus driving through the road. The scooter rider and his son had already lost control when the bus actually collided with it.

The scooter crashes down right next to the bus’s front tyre, and the rider and his son are narrowly missed by the vehicle’s rear tyre. The owner of the shop and everyone else who witnessed the collision were shocked to see that the rider was unharmed. The incident took place close to the Aluva train station. There was zero protection when the rider fell to the ground because the helmet had fallen off. The father and son were fortunate enough to avoid serious injuries from the collision. Even after the accident, the bus driver did not halt.

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People who witnessed the accident quickly gathered in the area. The child was quickly picked up by a woman crossing the street, and the other people began assisting the father. A few of them went in search of a car to take him to the hospital after one of them picked up the scooter. The video does not make it clear if the father actually had any wounds. The youngster in the video appears to be unharmed. The report claims that locals have frequently criticised private bus drivers for their reckless driving. This has frequently resulted in mishaps. Whether or not the bus driver has been identified is unclear.

It’s difficult to operate a heavy vehicle on the road. especially if the road is narrow. The driver must take care to follow the posted speed limits in the city. The majority of these buses have speed governors, which set a top speed cap for the car. The report also states that residents have asked the authorities to station a police officer at the location but that no action has been taken as of yet. It appears that the scooter rider was in the bus driver’s blind spot. Additionally, the scooter rider had not properly fastened the helmet. The helmet rolls away as soon as he falls to the ground, as seen in the video. It is always advised to use the strap to lock your helmet.

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