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Rare $3M+ Ferrari Enzo Destroyed in Big Crash on Straight Road

It’s a lesson to stay in control when driving a powerful car on a slick road. 

If you crash into a mundane commuter car, you’ll be considered as little more than a bother. If you have an accident in a rare supercar, though, you’ll be on the front pages of every newspaper in the world in no time. According to Motor1, a careless motorist did precisely that in the Netherlands, slamming a rare Ferrari Enzo into a tree.

The news first broke on the Ferrarichat forums, with the vehicle allegedly belonging to or being repaired by Kroymans Automotive B.V., the authorised Ferrari dealership in the area where the accident occurred. The Ferrari was sporting “garage” plates when it crashed on the N221 in Baarn, Utrecht, according to photos from the scene.

According to the regional newspaper De Gooi-en Eemlander, the driver at the time of the accident was a dealership mechanic. The driver, who was unharmed in the incident, was cleared by ambulance crews.

The weather in the area was drizzly, with a lot of fog, and temperatures only reached 43°F. In such conditions, a rear-wheel-drive V12 with 650 horsepower is bound to be dangerous. Given that the crash occurred on a largely-straight section of road, it appears that excessive power may have had a role.

The car reportedly struck a tree at the rear on the passenger side, tearing off not only both wheels on one side but also the driveshaft, too. Significant damage to the body is obvious, with airbags deployed due to the severity of the crash.

Photos come us courtesy of Instagrammer @jeffrey_de_ruiter_photography, who snapped the pictures of the Ferrari Enzo’s recovery via trailer. Jeffrey does a great job of capturing the huge level of damage, particularly at the rear of the vehicle. The rear bumper is ripped in two, while the front clip appears to have been badly hit as well. The entire back half of the car appears to be hanging off, as evidenced by the view from the driver’s side after the crash. 

The Enzo was built in a highly limited run of just 400 units according to Ferrari, though community research suggests the number could be closer to 500 in reality. However, with examples trading at prices in excess of $3,000,000 USD, it’s likely this vehicle could be economically rebuilt if parts are available from Maranello. 

It’s never nice to see an exotic car destroyed, but it happens altogether too often. Here’s hoping the driver is safe and learned their lesson, and that the Ferrari can be repaired without too much trouble. From here, though, it certainly looks like one hell of a job. 

Who wrecked an Enzo Ferrari?

One such instance is when actor and comedian Eddie Griffin crashed a rare Ferrari Enzo worth $1.5 million into a barrier, literally destroying it in the process. Griffin had been practicing for an upcoming charity race in hopes of promoting his film Redline when he lost control of the sports car.

What happened to the Ferrari Enzo?

The great Enzo Ferrari died on the 14th of August 1988 in Modena, Italy. He was 90 years old at the time of his death. According to sources like biography.com, the cause of his death is unknown, but he appears to have been suffering from kidney disease for some time prior to his death.Nov 19, 2020

How many Ferrari Enzo are left?

How many Ferrari Enzos are left in the world? Less than the original 400, that’s for sure. A handful of highly publicized crashes and fires have diminished the stock, but we reckon there’s still more than 375 Enzos sleeping in garages around the world.

Where is Stefan Eriksson now?

Back in his native Sweden, the supercar-slicer is evidently doing no better. According to The Los Angeles Times, Eriksson now finds himself in an Uppsala jail after being charged with seven infractions, including theft, attempted extortion and aggravated assault.


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