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Rod Stewart Fills Potholes Near Home So He Can Drive His Ferrari On It

He hangs up the mic for a shovel.

It’s sometimes necessary to complete the job oneself. Rod Stewart wore an Adidas tracksuit and a hi-vis vest to repair some gigantic potholes near his home in Harlow, England, lately, and it wasn’t just one or two. Stewart shared videos on Instagram of him and a crew pouring gravel into the deep gaps, and the road is riddled with huge flaws.

Potholes abound, and many of them are filled with water, making it difficult to tell how deep they are. This makes driving on the road more difficult, particularly for automobiles like Stewart’s Ferrari. Stewart claims in the video that people are “beating up their automobiles” as they drive down the road, and a single, filthy hubcap on the side of the road backs up his assertion. Stewart also mentioned that an ambulance had recently blown a tyre on the route. That’s not a good idea. He also blasted the government for spending “millions and millions of pounds” on the M11.

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In one Instagram video, he said, “I’m repairing the roadway near where I live because no one can be bothered to do it.” The road doesn’t appear to get much traffic, and it’s quite narrow, but that shouldn’t prevent it from receiving basic maintenance. The road simply appears to be in poor condition.

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The dangerous road also makes it impossible for low-riding automobiles to negotiate it, such as the rocker’s Ferrari, which, according to the superstar, is unable to do so. Stewart’s path would be difficult for a low-riding sports vehicle to navigate without scraping the underbelly or losing a wheel. SUVs and crossovers are popular, but they shouldn’t have to drive on badly maintained roads.

Driving is made more difficult by potholes, cracks, and other road defects. Uneven roads make for unpleasant rides, but they can cause more harm than just a bruised back and beaten-up kidneys. Some potholes are deep enough to cause serious damage to a vehicle, such as shattering the tyre, wheel, or even the entire vehicle. Potholes would also make it impossible for some automobiles, particularly low-sitting supercars like Stewart’s Ferrari, to manoeuvre down the road.

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Source: Rod Stewart / Instagram via The Guardian

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