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Tata Motors Revealed Avinya EV Concept

Tata Motors has Revealed the Avinya electric vehicle concept. It’s built on Tata’s new Gen 3 platform for pure electric vehicles, which will be released in the near future. In 2025, production-spec vehicles based on the Gen 3 platform will debut. These cars are projected to have a range of more than 500 kilometers.

In Sanskrit, the word avinya signifies “invention.” The design appears to be a cross between an MPV and a hatchback. It receives a new Tata logo that serves as the vehicle’s new identity. Furthermore, it defines the Avinya EV’s sheer width while also serving as an LED Daytime Running Lamp. However, the new emblem is not likely to appear on new automobiles.

Tata Avinya Design And Looks

The Avinya has a distinctive and appealing design. It comes in a copper and black dual-tone finish. Because it is an electric car, there is no front grille. The A-pillar is formed by the steepening of the front bonnet. There are no standard rearview mirrors on the outside. Instead, you will be given cameras. On the sides, there are diamond-cut alloy wheels with a slit in the door sills.

tata motors new avinya ev concept

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From the side, the Avinya appears to be long and sleek. There are undertones of Altroz in the back half. A light bar spans over the width of the automobile towards the back, forming the new Tata emblem as well. The cabin is designed with a simple aesthetic with lounge-style seats. And  Tata has used environmentally friendly materials.

Tata Motors is emphasizing how cars are becoming software on wheels with the new idea. They want technology to be able to operate in the background. As a result, you will notice that the Avinya EV lacks a huge infotainment system. Instead, voice instructions are used to operate everything. Tata Motors is expected to work on and improve its software.

During the development of the Avinya EV, three important considerations were made. Disruptive technology, a pure electric platform, and revolutionary design were among them. It’s crucial to remember that this is simply an idea, and it doesn’t appear like it will go into production anytime soon.

Avinya Design

The Avinya EV is 4.3 meters long, however, although having the same footprint, the cabin has much greater capacity. Essentially, the Gen 3 platform is an electric skateboard platform. The wheels have been installed on the vehicle’s corners, as can be seen in the photos. As a result, the wheelbase will be fairly long, which should aid stability. There is no transmission tunnel because the platform was built from the ground up for electric vehicles.

The batteries will be dust and waterproof and will be put on the floorboard. Tata Motors has stated that they will introduce a variety of models based on this platform, each with a distinct body design and a variable driving range depending on the requirements. In 2025, products based on the Gen 3 platform are projected to hit the market.

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