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The Forgotten Vans Of India

The 5 Flash Backed Vans Of India | The Vans Brushed Off From Our Memories

India‚Äôs automobile history goes back to the days of the Hindustan Ambassador that is the first vehicle to be manufactured in India. While many of us remember cars like Premier Padmini and Standard Herald, due to the population boom in the country, vans were quite popular too. Vans are generally used to move goods or people and vans of different shapes and sizes were sold in India. Many of them we remember like the Maruti Suzuki Omni but there are quite a few that have disappeared from the roads and from our memories. In this blog, we’ve made a list of 5 Forgotten Vans In India.

1. Force Tempo Metador

Force Tempo Metador
Force Tempo Metador

Metador was usually used for a family get together or a picnic. It was also used as a school van and public transport at many small towns. ( Force Motors used to manufacture its 10 seater variant whose license was approved by German company Tempo. The Ford Metador was available in two variants namely a pickup and a van. It’s diesel variant gained a lot of popularity and was highly demanded in market. The vehicle ran on a 1.8 litre diesel engine which produced 50 bhp inn the F305 variant with a 4 speed transmission paired with it.

2. Standard 20

Standard 20
Standard 20

The Standard 20 was more famous in India’s Southern part. Standard 20 was based on Leyland 20 and was usually used for tourist camp and school buses. The vehicle ran on a 2 litre 4 cylinder diesel engine which generated 60 bhp of power further paired with a 6 speed manual transmission system. The van was manufactured with a 10 seater configuration and all the seats were front facing seats.

3. Mahindra FC Maxicab

Mahindra FC Maxicab

The Mahindra FC ( Forward Control ) was a very popular choice in Indian market and is even possibly seen today in some places. The Mahindra FC was based on Jeep FC and was manufactured by approved license for the design from Jeep. The vehicle was sold in a rear wheel drive layout and a optional 4 wheel drive system was also available. The company increased the size of the van which increased the seating capacity from 10 seats to 16 seats. Under the hood was a 2.5 litre diesel engine and was sold with a another 2.1 litre engine option.

4. Mahindra Voyager

Mahindra Voyager

The Mahindra Voyager came in India in late 1990’s. The Mahindra was similar to Mitsubishi LS 300 van with Mahindra’s rebadging for India. However, it was much demanded in Indian market as it was a very futuristic for India as well as was expensive. Voyager ran on 2.5 litre turbo charged diesel engine.

5. Maruti Suzuki Versa

Maruti Suzuki Versa

The Maruti Suzuki Versa was launched specially for those people who wanted to upgrade from Omni and preferred a much bigger vehicle. The company launched Versa thinking they will change the faces of MPV in Indian market. However, Versa didn’t gained much customers and the company finally launched the low cost Eecho replacing the Versa which did very well, in Indian market, in fact it is also doing well in Indian market.

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