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The Usually Forgotten Cars of Hindustan Motors

Hindustan Motors Produced These Cars Too !!

Before the existence of Maruti Suzuki and other now-renowned companies, only one company ruled the Indian roads. It was ‘Hindustan Motors’. It was the largest car manufacturer in India back then. In 1942, Mr. B.M. Birla started the company in collaboration with Morris Motors’ Lord Nuffield.

The Company’s Ambassador and Contessa models were big hits in their times. They are also popular nowadays. But some models from Hindustan Motors have been wiped out from people’s memories. Let’s take a look at those models:-

Hindustan Trekker

Hindustan Motors Trekker

Back in the day, everyone wanted a slice of Mahindra Jeep’s popularity. The Trekker (or Pushpak, its alternate name) was Hindustan Motors’ answer to the Jeep. It gets its engine from the HM Ambassador. Its design is simple yet very dull. It has the capacity to seat over 4-5 people. The car was mostly bought by government agencies and people living in rural areas. However, the poor customer response made HM discontinue this vehicle.

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Baby Hindusthan

Baby Hindusthan

Basically the Indian version of the famous Morris Minor, Baby Hindusthan was very popular in the 1950s. After designing initial models compact with little leg space, later a few spacious models were produced. Hindustan Motors used to say that ‘This BABY does a MAN-SIZE Job’.

Hindustan Landmaster/ Landmaster Traveller

Hindustan Motors Landmaster

Does this vehicle look familiar? It is because of the fact that it preceded the famous Hindustan Ambassador. The Landmaster is basically the four-cylinder version of Morris Oxford Series II, produced by Hindustan Motors. It was very popular with people who were driven by chauffeurs. The Landmaster also had a station wagon version, called Traveller; with a semi-wooden body and rear barn type doors.

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Hindusthan 14

The Hindustan 14 was the epitome of Indian Luxury in the 1950s. Like all the other models, it also gets has a very British look. It had a four-speed manual gearbox with a 1478cc engine that resulted in a top speed of 102 kmph. However, very few of these models were made due to less demand. The Hindustan Landmaster model also took its design cues from this car.

Hindustan 10

One of the rarest cars of today, Hindustan 10 was the starting step of the revolution in the Indian Automobile Industry. It had a 1148cc engine that generated 37.2 BHP at 4600 RPM. It delivered 10 HP to the wheels, thus the name. Its top speed was 112 kmph. The Hindustan 122 replaced this car.

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