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Why Mahindra is popular in India ?

Troll them for body roll or call the design of their old SUVs boxy, you can’t deny the fact that Mahindra is one of the beloved automotive brands in India. What started as a business with the license of assembling Willys Jeeps in India has grown into an automotive legend. (tatuing.com) Let’s see why the brand is so popular in India…

Local Brand Advantage

XUV 300

Being an Indian brand, Mahindra has been Vocal for local from its start. It started as Muhammad & Mahindra in 1945 & later became Mahindra & Mahindra as we know it today. It manufactures Commercial as well as passenger vehicles. Other than that, they also have a racing team that competes in Formula E races; the races for electric cars. It is the only Indian team to compete in Formula E.

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Trusted by the Army

Mahindra’s Army vehicles

As we said earlier, The company used to build Willys Jeeps in India in 1949. These jeeps got popular in the Indian army as well as in Police forces in many states. Since then, the brand has been supplying vehicles to the army ensuring the safety of border patrol.

Designed for Safety

New-gen Mahindra Thar – 4 Star Global NCAP rating

Mahindra Cars were previously trolled for the bad build quality of the old models. But the latest models from them have changed the game. The best example is XUV300, which got a 5-star Adult safety rating & a 4-star Child safety rating (Which is the highest score for any car in India) from Global NCAP. This makes it the safest car in its segment. The newly released THAR also got 4 stars in both the Adult & Child Safety category as shown above. This shows how strong & rugged the vehicles from the brand are.

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Wide range of UVs (SUVs, MUVs,etc.)

Mahindra’s Premium SUV – The Alturas G4

The list of best SUVs in India is incomplete without mention of Scorpio & Thar. These cars look rugged, tough & stylish as such and after tasteful modifications become the best-looking cars in the segment. A complete Black Scorpio with accurate alloy wheels looks very mean, gangster-like. Other models from the company include Alturas G4 (Pictured above), XUV500, Thar, KUV100, and so on. Other Utility Vehicles such as Pickup trucks from the company are also popular.

Resale Value

Mahindra’s multi brand used car service – Mahindra First Choice

Another reason for the brand being popular along with build quality & powerful engines is its resale value. The cars have great demand in the secondhand market as they are built to last even after many years of ruthless driving. It also has its division for second-hand market, called Mahindra First choice which is India’s very own multi-brand used car company.

Ready for the Electric Future

Mahindra E-Future concepts at auto expo

As we know Mahindra is the only Indian company to have a Formula E team. Also, at the auto expo, it has showcased its fleet of electric cars & the tech that the company is building for E-future. It has a dedicated R&D for electric vehicles.

Anand Mahindra

Anand Mahindra – The Visionary

The visionary behind all the revolution & modernization of the company is Anand Mahindra. He always makes sure that whatever he does is in favor of the country. He also supports local people who are doing innovative things & make interesting projects.

These are some reasons why Mahindra is popular in India. If you think we have missed any reason, then tell us in the comments section below. As always stick to Autobizz. for more such interesting content.

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