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Top 10 Best Selling Cars May 2022

Maruti Suzuki remains India’s top car manufacturer with as many as eight models featuring among the top 10 cars sold in India in May. Hyundai Creta was the only other exception besides Tata Nexon.

Maruti cars dominated sales chart in May as eight of them recorded among top 10 cars sold in the country last month. 

Maruti Suzuki continues to dominate sales chart in India in May. India’s largest carmaker has eight among top 10 cars sold in India last month, establishing its dominance in the small car segment once again. As Korean carmaker Hyundai Motor and Tata Motors battle it out to be the second largest manufacturer, Maruti sold 1,34,222 units in May with a significant rise in sales numbers compared to same month last year. Maruti recently launched the facelift versions of at least two of the eight models this year, while another one awaits a major facelift soon.

RankModelMay’22May’21Growth (%) YoY
1Maruti Wagonr16,8142,086706
2Tata Nexon14,6146,439127
3Maruti Swift14,1337,005102
4Maruti Baleno13,9704,803191
5Tata Alto12,9333,220302
6Maruti Ertiga12,2262,694354
7Maruti Dzire11,6035,81999
8Hyundai Creta10,9737,52746
9Maruti Eeco10,4821,096856
10Maruti Vitara Brezza10,3122,648289

Here is a look at the top 10 cars sold in India in May:

1. Maruti WagonR

Maruti’s popular hatchback WagonR continues to be the best-selling car in India. With 16,814 units sold last month, the sales of WagonR has gone up drastically compared to May last year when the carmaker sold just 2,086 units. However, the comparison is slightly misleading as all carmakers were struggling to sell anything a year ago due to lockdown during second wave of Covid-19 pandemic. Compared to April this year, the sale of WagonR has actually gone down by nearly a thousand units.

2. Tata Nexon

Nexon sub-compact SUV’s rise as India’s best-selling sport utility vehicle has been one of the biggest success stories for Tata Motors. Tata sold 14,614 units of Nexon SUV last month, improving even its April tally of 13,471 units. Available in both ICE and EV versions, Nexon SUV is now threatening to dethrone Maruti from the top spot among best-selling car models in India.

3. Maruti Swift

Swift hatchback has returned to the top-10 fold after some time. Maruti sold 14,133 units of Swift in May, securing the third position among all the carmakers. The jump in sales is significant considering Maruti could not even sell 9,000 units of Swift in April this year. In May last year, Maruti Swift was the second best-selling car after Hyundai Creta with a little more than 7,000 units dispatched. 

4. Maruti Baleno

The new generation Baleno expectedly features in the top 10 list, At number four, Baleno boasts of a sales figure of 13,970 units in May. It is a significant jump in month-on-month sales after Maruti sold 10,938 units in the previous month. Maruti launched the new Baleno earlier this year with a host of features and tech upgrades. 

5. Maruti Alto

There have been words whether Maruti is planning to discontinue Alto hatchback altogether. But sales numbers are still on the side of one of the oldest surviving car models in India. In May, Maruti sold 12,933 units of Alto. Maruti will also be satisfied with Alto’s growth even now as the carmaker sold only 10,443 units in April.

6. Maruti Ertiga

It seems long waiting period has hampered Ertiga’s sales numbers in May. The three-row MPV ended last month at number six with 12,226 units sold in India. The sales has gone down compared to April, when Maruti sold 14,889 units of Ertiga. Maruti launched the new generation Ertiga with new gearbox and other updated features in April.

7. Maruti Dzire

Long due for a major facelift, Maruti’s sub-compact sedan continues to be among the best-selling cars in India. Maruti sold 11,603 units of Dzire last month, up from 10,701 units in April. Dzire is the only sedan to continue to feature among best-selling cars in India. 

8. Hyundai Creta

After a brief rise in sales, Hyundai’s flagship SUV Creta has once again seen decline last month. Hyundai sold 10,973 units of Creta compared to 12,651 units of the five-seater SUV in April this year. Hyundai is expected to drive in the facelift version of the Creta later this year.

9. Maruti EECO

Eeco, like Dzire, is the only car from its segment to continue to feature among the very best. Even at a time when Maruti is planning to give it a facelift, the carmaker was able to sell 10,482 units last month. In April, Maruti had sold 11,154 units of the van in India.

10. Maruti Vitara Brezza

At number 10 on the list is a car that will soon get a major facelift. Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, to return in a new avatar on June 30, wraps up the top 10 cars sold in India in May. Maruti sold 10,312 units of the SUV and scraped past Tata Punch’s tally of 10,241by just 71 units. In April, Maruti had sold 11,764 units.


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