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Top 10 Facts About TATA MOTORS | Interesting Facts of Tata Motors

Tata motors is among the top-selling carmakers not only in India but worldwide.Tata Nexon , Nexon EV, Harrier, Altroz or Tiago and more has gained tata a huge fame and name these days, due to it’s quality products.

For tata its not only about its automobile industry or any other business it is involved in, but also about its people. They consider their people as the backbone of their presence and success. During the pandamic situation when all other institutions were laying off their employees, tata proudly did not lay off a single employee or any worker associated with them. who don’t want this kind of trust and security, this is what people feel with the entire Tata group.

The Tata motors is among the top-selling carmakers not only in India but worldwide.Here are some of the interesting facts about Tata motors.

Top 10 facts about Tata motors

1. Global Presence

Tata motors global presence

It’s very proud to say that Tata is an Indian brand. Tata automobiles are present in more than 175 countries with around 8.5 million vehicles on road. It is globally recognized brand for its built quality and services it provides to its customers. It also owns britan’s luxary car brand jaguar land Rover.

2. Travelled 8000 miles Journey without a Single Breakdown

Tata motors trucks

Back in 1955 Tata group participated in Geneva-bombay rally which covered 8000 miles. Tata’s trucks began journey from bombay up to geneva covering a large distance of 8000 miles without a single breakdown.

3. Tata motors Developed the First SUV

Tata Telcoline sierra

The Tata group was the first member to enter in this new segment in india. Tata Telcoline sierra was the first SUV built and designed in india. And today we know how SUV’s rule the market Tata recognized the potential of SUV’s in Indian market very early.

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4. Tata 407

Tata 407

Back in 1986 Tata came up with 407 model in trucks segment and killed its competition up to very next level. This model gave a tough fight to Eicher-mitsubishi, DCM Toyota, swaraj mazda and allwyn nissan all competitors of this segment. And proved game changer for Tata motors in truck market.

5. India’s First Sports Car


This is one of the awesome and unknown fact about Tata motors. Uder the badge of its own sub- brand TAMO Tata made the first sports car in India and named it RACEMO. The car came with 190 ps engine and it took only 6 seconds to reach from 0-100 km/hr.

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6. First Indigenous Car of India

Tata indica

Tata in 1998 launched a hatchback, named Tata indica. This car was made within the boundaries of the country, which was the first indigenous car of india. It set an example of the quality Indian engineering, as its updated versions are still in use.

The car consists of 1396 diesel engine which produces 59 bhp of power and 105 Nm of torque. Engine is mated to 5 speed manual transmission. It can reach from 0-100km/hr in 15 sec. It became hit in just 2 years of it’s launch and ruled Indian market for several years.

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7. World’s Cheapest and the Costliest Car

Tata nano

In 2008 tata launched nano with price near of 1 lakh as the cheapest car in the world. The car consists of 624 cc petrol engine which generate 37 bhp of power and 51 Nm of torque. The engine is mated to 4-speed gearbox. Car was economical at 24 kmpl and had top speed of 105 km/hr.

The same nano car was also presented as the world’s first ever gold jewellery car. Which made it world’s costliest car, worth Rs 22 crores. The car was made of gold, silver and precious gems. This was done to celebrate the 5000 years of jewellery industry in india.

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8. Supplier to the Indian Army

Tata armored vehicles

Tata group has been serving india army for many decades. We can say that it is the backbone of indian army for armored vehicles. The company has been supplying various combact ready vehicles, armored trucks to army since long time. And it is one of the most active suppliers of various vehicles to Indian army.

9. Tata Prima

 Tata prima

Tata is making quality truks since long period and they are always improving over the period. The most recent Tata prima, The world Truck competes directly with the mercedes, volvos and the scanias. Tata motors is not just giving them a tough competition in design but also in improving performance of the engine and cabin comfort. T1 prima truck racing championship is also held by Tata motors. And in the 2017 edition, the sport witnessed it’s first women driver.

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10. 5th Most Valuable Corporate in Asia

Tata motors

Due to its worldwide presence, built quality and services Tata motors have created a unique trust and bond with its customers. In 2015 Tata motors had high revenue and overall growth so it was named 5 th most valuable corporate in Asia . It continued its growth as in 2018 and generated the revenue of 42.5 billion US dollars. And in 2019 Tata motors recorded 16 % growth in domestic sales of commercial and passenger vehicles.

This is the surprising fact about Tata motors. while it’s one of the biggest companies around the globe, company has never Invested in alchol and tobacco bussiness. And also it’s for surprise again that they had never sponsored any Bollywood movie.


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