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Top 10 PUBG Vehicles | Best PUBG Vehicle (Cars & Bike)

Player Unknown’s Battleground – commonly known as PUBG, is a widely played real-time multiplayer game that is loved by people of every age group around the globe! PUBG Mobile has a really huge fan base in India too. Developed by a South Korean video game company, Bluehole, PUBG offers a huge variety of gameplay options and various other things which make the gamers stick to it! Well, if you have played the game, you would know that there are some vehicles spawn in the map that let you travel in case you need to! Here we will have a look at the top 10 PUBG vehicles which are inspired from real-life vehicles!

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1. Chenowth (Buggy)

With a seating capacity of 2, you can find this vehicle in Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok. Buggy is a fun to drive vehicle and lets you shoot while driving too. Although the seating capacity is 2, you can still carry 3 people sometimes due to a glitch that exists in the current version of the game! The top speed of the buggy is 100 kmph. Talking about the real-life connection, this is a Desert Patrol Vehicle, formerly called the Fast Attack Vehicle developed by Chenowth Racing Products Inc. Chenowth delivered 120 FAVs to the US Army in 1982.

2. BMW R1100 GS (Bike)

The bike you see in the game is actually a BMW R1100 GS. BMW launched this dual-sport motorcycle back in 1993 and manufactured it till 1999 in Berlin. This motorbike introduced partial oil-cooling and four valves per cylinder operated by a single chain-driven camshaft. Also, the carburettor was replaced by fuel injectors. Coming back to PUBG, you can find this bike in Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok. You can experience a top speed of 152 kmph but remember you can’t shoot the enemy even if you are a pillion rider! This can be a fast escape but can’t be used for a chase!

3. Chevrolet Blazer

The 3rd one on the list of PUBG vehicles is the Chevrolet Blazer. This is a Miramar exclusive vehicle! You would find this vehicle spawned in the dunes of Miramar while the other maps still miss it. Just to let you know, the Chevrolet K5 Blazer was the smallest full-size SUV built by General Motors. The SUV had fully convertible removable tops until 1975. Therefore, you can also find an open-top version of the SUV inside the game too! The SUV lets you carry your squad along with the ability to shoot while moving. Mentioning again, this SUV is a Miramar exclusive and has a top speed of 72 kmph!

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4. Dacia 1300

Dacia 1300 was manufactured by Dacia, a Romanian automaker during the cold war in 1969. The ‘1300’ in the name indicates the engine capacity of the family sedan. the car was quite popular in the real world too and therefore made it into the list of PUBG vehicles. The top speed of this car in the game is 139 kmph. You can roam around with your squad but remember, the engine is not powerful enough for steep slopes and it is also liable to rollovers while cornering at high speeds. Basically, a sedan delivers what a sedan is meant for. You can drive it slow and steady but might miss out the chicken dinner due to your slow driving!

5. BRDM-2

The BRDM is an amphibious patrol car used by the Russian Army. Other than Russia, it was imported to 38 other nations who still use it for defence purposes. PUBG recently introduced this vehicle in an update with the new game form known as ‘Payload’. The game mode allows you to use rocket launchers and therefore, BRDM acts as a protective vehicle which can protect you in multiple situations. The real world BRDM-2 has a crew of four: a driver, a co-driver, a commander, and a gunner. In the game too, you can carry your squad but can’t shoot or aim while riding this vehicle.

6. Lada Niva

Vikendi special! This vehicle in our list of PUBG vehicles is found only in the snow map. The 4×4 SUV is an absolute delight for Vikendi lovers! Talking about the real-life inspiration, Lada Niva was manufactured by the Russian automaker AutoVAZ. The designed this SUV especially for the rural market. This was the first mass-production 4×4 to get a unibody design with coil spring independent front suspension. Some designers also called it a Renault 5 put on a Land Rover chassis. Talking about the gameplay, the car delivers excellent handling even on snow and doesn’t slip or skid. You can use this vehicle to have a worthy cause in the snow map!

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7. Volkswagen Type-2

PUBG is all about squad gaming but sometimes there can be people who need your help! Miramar is a huge map! Walking alone in the desert might be a boring journey, therefore, PUBG included the Volkswagen Type-2 or the bus in which you can carry more than 4 people at a time! This vehicle is mainly useful in custom rooms where friends gather to play along. Well, the bus might be useful in case you haven’t got any other choice. Obviously, the bus has got speed and performance capacities lower than others but can still be a useful resource to escape the blue zone in case of an emergency.

8. Piaggio Vespa

Sanhok got its exclusive two-wheeler when the audience demanded it! Piaggio Vespa made it into the list of PUBG vehicles and has been a popular vehicle among those who play Sanhok quite often. This is a fun-to-ride vehicle which lets you road around Sanhok with your teammate. Sanhok is a small map in itself and doesn’t need much travelling especially by vehicles. You can use the Vespa to travel small distances but remember you can’t aim or shoot while sitting on this. The scooter is an older generation of the real-life Piaggio Vespa and can be spotted in multiple colours in the game.

9. UAZ

The OG off-roader in the world of PUBG! UAZ is a widely used vehicle in all the maps of the multiplayer game! In case you are wondering what UAZ stands for, here is your answer. UAZ stands for Ulyanovsky Avtomobilny Zavod which is the Russian for Ulyanovsk Car Plant. The Russian automotive brand is known to manufacture off-road vehicles, buses and trucks. UAZ has excellent off-roading capabilities in comparison to other PUBG vehicles. No matter how steep a slope would be, you can easily climb it using the UAZ. The earlier versions of the game used to have a bulletproof UAZ which you could request using the flare gun. Now, it has been replaced by the BRDM. The UAZ exists in hardtop, soft top and open-top versions.

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10. Golden Mirado (Plymouth Duster)

The exclusive vehicle among all the PUBG vehicles is the Golden coloured Plymouth Duster. Known as the Golden Mirado, you would find a single Golden Mirado in the whole map! Everyone out of the 100 players wants to drive or ride this car and the bungalow where the car resides is an absolute hot drop! The Golden Mirado is a semi-fastback two-door coupe version of the compact-sized Plymouth Valiant. this car was sold in the US from 1970-1976. As mentioned above, it is an exclusive vehicle so it has got some exceptional capabilities too. The car runs faster than the others and provides excellent handling in every terrain.

These were the 10 PUBG vehicles which are inspired by the real-life vehicles. You can make the most of your gameplay by using these vehicles to chase the enemy or as a cover when someone is chasing you! Share this article with all the PUBG lovers and let them know about the real-life inspirations of the vehicles they drive while playing their favourite game!


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