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Top 6 Cars For Evil People | Top Gangest Cars Ever Seen

Some of the bad guy and evil people car choices include cars like the BMW E34, Lincoln Continental, Mercedes 600, and many more.

Unlike people, cars are also bifurcated in form of good and bad. This bifurcation is not about how good or bad the car’s performance is but it’s about which people drive it often and also seen in most of the crime scenes. These cars are something you won’t like to see in the rearview mirror as they create a bad intention to drive around you.

6. BMW 5-series

Top 6 Cars For Evil People

This is the car from the 19s during the crucial times in East Europe where most of the people took loans to survive the period. Those times the vehicles used by their gangster community were the blacked-out E34. The E34 is a rugged car with a slim body design and that can also carry 4 pumped-up bodyguards.

5. Dodge Charger 1969

Top 6 Cars For Evil People

The American muscle cars are also once considered cars has driven by evil people. the American cars from the 19s are still considered the best-looking cars. With those wide fenders and a beefed-up look, this car has a total gangster vibe. The dodge charger is also a part of many Hollywood movies as well, increasing its publicity.

4. Jaguar 420G

Top 6 Cars For Evil People

This isn’t an evil guy car for what today’s bad guys look for. But in the 19s the car was mainly seen in bank robbery cases. It has a front-leaning look that makes it look faster from the side. Other than that it has some power as well, a 250+ horsepower engine from an inline-6.

3. GAZ-13 “Chaika”

Top 6 Cars For Evil People

The next evil people car is a celebrity car which is known for being used by businessmen and Hollywood stars. Mostly known for the kidnapping scenes this car is something you would never wish while walking on the road to appear.

2. Lincoln Continental

Top 6 Cars For Evil People

This car is a perfect definition of a bad guy car. A total dope-looking low ride with a long wheelbase this is just an awesome car to drive around the streets. If you remembered this car can also be seen in the GTA games a gangster car which it is.

1. Mercedes 600 “Grosser”

Top 6 Cars For Evil People

Coming towards the evilest guy car in the world till the date. The Mercedes 600 is the ultimate gangster car as it’s owned and driven by some of the evilest people in the world. Someone who is responsible for millions of crime accidents and deaths. The reason behind being the most famous car is because of its amazing body built and engine power.

Powered by a 6.3L M100 V8 engine it produces over 247 hp. With that, it was also the most expensive car of its time, more than a Rolls-Royce. And that’s the reason why it’s in the first place.

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