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Video Of BMW X2 Doing A Jump On The Same LA Street As That Viral Tesla Surfaces

If you think the viral Tesla Model S leap three weeks ago was an unique occurrence, think again. At least one other documented stunt occurred at the same spot, but it’s unclear whether it occurred before or after the first.

A BMW X2 owner who jumps over a line of fire before bashing its undercarriage on the pavement in a shower of sparks, as discovered by The Drive, is the latest in a long series of fools. In a comment, YouTube user ‘AriAndCars’ says that the video was filmed “2 months” before the famous Tesla leap. Believe it if you want, but the same uploader says, “We have authorization to conduct all the things you just watched in this video.” “Do not attempt this nonsense at home.” Sure thing, buddy. The identical video, dated March 31, came on Instagram from user Trophyburo — the Tesla incident occurred on March 19.

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Regardless, only one day after the first viral leap, someone was reported to be mimicking Evel Knievel by jumping a dirt bike off the road.

A video of a Tesla Model X performing its best Falcon Heavy impression was released to Twitter in 2018, with a direct comment from the company’s CEO. It wasn’t a copycat since it occurred before.

It doesn’t help that people like Elon Musk are drawing attention to the perpetrators by retweeting the videos without condemning the conduct, instead appearing to be thrilled about it by writing “!”

The idiotic attempt took place on Baxter Street in Los Angeles, which is famous for its high 32 percent gradient that was formerly used to evaluate a vehicle’s horsepower.

Despite offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the motorist guilty for the first leap, the police have yet to apprehend him. Initially, a TikToker claimed credit for the stunt, but after things became more serious, that claim was removed.

The award money is a drop in the bucket in comparison to the amount of damage done to the Tesla that was hit. Jordan Hook’s Subaru Forester was virtually totaled, but thankfully, a GoFundMe put up to pay for repairs or the purchase of a new vehicle raised almost $20,000.

Why don’t the cops establish up shop and keep an eye out for people? Because of the high incline, it appears that patrolling the roadway is difficult, but something must be done to prevent copycats from taking flight.

It’s a tough situation for everyone involved, and it’s possible that the road may be decommissioned entirely. After all, if the space is filled up by a park or a row of trees, silly actions like these won’t be able to continue.

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