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Toyota Fortuner Modified | Top 5 Modified Toyota Fortuner

Modified Toyota Fortuner You Must See

Toyota Fortuner is a popular car in South Asian countries. In India the Fortuner have a significant fanbase. The rugged body and massive road presence is commendable. Along with premium car features, car modification are also getting popular in India. People are now really interested in different mods fors there cars. Though the rules and laws regarding car modification are tough in India, many of them fall in legal consequences. Toyota Fortuner is a full size SUV. It is highly appreciated by politicians in the country. Although the Fortuner looks aggressive and attractive people have tried to modify it. Some of the modification look really well and make it more appealing. Here in this blogs we have listed top 5 well modified Toyota Fortuner.

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1. Yellow Ghost

Toyota Fortuner Modified | Top 7 Modified Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner gets a Lexus body kit with modification by chachu6666 Garage. The 2018 Fortuner get its all new look with the body kit and gold yellow wrap. We can see the car with yellow and black scheme with Lexus inspired front grille. The owner has tried to turn out his car to be a complete Lexus. However, origins of the Fortuner can be impressively seen. Other modifications includes full led tail lamps, spoiler, lexus logo and updated rear bumper. The modification has costed around Rs. 4 lakh.

2. Toyogini

Toyota Fortuner Modified | Top 7 Modified Toyota Fortuner

In this world, we all wish to own a Lamborghini in our life. Notably, the Lamborghini Urus is a well liked SUV in India. We all love the sporty and luxurious touch that the car offers. We all know the prices of the Urus are not all can afford it. But a car guy has got his priorities straight up. The person has turned his Fortuner to look very identical to the Urus. The car features an updated front bumper. The car is so well modified, the front look gives it a new aggressive look alike the Urus.

3. Limousine

Toyota Fortuner Modified | Top 7 Modified Toyota Fortuner

Hummer Limousine, who ? We have Fortuner Limousine for you. The old genration Fortuner is modified into a limousine. The car is modified by none other than DC designs. The car features the signature headlamps with projector lights. The orginal bonet is replaced with the hood scoop bonet. Hexagonal grilles and aggressive front end adds to the beauty of the car. The cars gets modified into an executive cabin with many first-rate features. According to reports, the total modification cost of the car is upto Rs. 40 lakh.

4. Red Hot

Toyota Fortuner Modified | Top 7 Modified Toyota Fortuner

If you like off roading, you must check out this very modified Fortuner. This Toyota Fortuner Legender is updated with many offroad modifications. Notably, the 22 inch dual-tone alloy wheels with offroad spec tires grab our attention. The car gets an updated rear bumper as well as a new front end. The all new suspensions have effective increased the ground clearance. The car gets a red paint job which makes it appealing.

5. TRD Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner Modified | Top 7 Modified Toyota Fortuner

The Japanese automakers had featured many car models in 2018 auto show. One of the car model showcased by Toyota which got us crazy is the TRD Fortuner. This Fortuner gets a factory fitted TRD kit. This Fortuner got an immediate reaction by everyone. The body kit is developed by TRD Indonesia. The car offers off road spec tires and updated suspension which increases the ground clearance of the car. The graphic elements over the car gives it an astonishing look.

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