Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Toyota Fortuner With Toilet Seat? This Modified Suv Is Perfect Travel Companion

The toilet inside the Toyota Fortuner SUV is accessible from inside the cabin as it has been integrated into the extra room of the interior.

In motorhomes, camper vans, and caravans, it is typical to find fully functional restrooms, but it is uncommon to see a toilet seat inside a typical car. A Toyota Fortuner owner from Trivandrum, Kerala, decided to install a toilet seat in his off-road SUV in order to save himself the trouble of searching for a clean restroom whenever he travelled to remote locations.

The toilet in the Fortuner SUV is easily accessed from inside the cabin thanks to its integration into the extra space inside and half of the boot. It is a six-seater SUV with a small amount of cargo space in the back because the commode box takes up half of the space in the third row of seats.

The vehicle was altered by Kerala-based Ojes Automobiles, a coach design company famous for creating vanity vans for various movie stars. Biju Markose, MD at Ojes Automobiles, commented on the modification to HT Auto, saying, “We study customer requirements and make all possible modifications as per their needs. This particular Fortuner customer wanted to drive across the entire country, but he was concerned that not all places had restrooms, so he wanted to install a toilet inside the car.

The vehicle makes use of a marine toilet system that was imported from Netherlands for this purpose, Markose said. It comes with a drainage tank and a touchscreen system for flushing, which makes use of really less water for pumping down the waste. Use of certain chemicals can help eliminate odor from the waste, which can be disposed off later. 

A video of the modified vehicle posted by a YouTuber shows how the toilet compartment can be accessed from the cabin but has really small space and isn’t very comfortable for sitting for too long. However, it surely is a great relief to have a functional toilet seat inside the vehicle while travelling to far off places. 


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