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Toyota GR Corolla Circuit Edition Will Last Until 2024, Maybe Longer

The Toyota GR Corolla is a fiery little hatchback, and the Circuit Edition version makes it one of the fieriest. It will last for at least one more model year despite being initially intended to be a one-year-only option for the GR Corolla’s first year of production.

The news comes straight from Toyota, citing “a tonne of enthusiasm and excitement for the GR Corolla, especially the Circuit Edition.” Only about 1,500 of the special trim vehicles will be produced this year, which is a relatively low number when compared to the estimated 8,000 GR Corollas that will be produced overall in 2023. Toyota doesn’t provide any information about the Circuit Edition for 2024 other than to say that it will be available and that some of its standard features will be carried over. The overall GR Corolla production will rise, but no specific figures or even projections are provided.

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The Circuit Edition refreshes the GR Corolla by giving it a beefier presence and some mechanical upgrades. Perhaps the most noticeable feature is a power bulge hood with functional vents and a gloss black rear spoiler. Carbon fibre makes up the roof, and red GR-branded brake callipers are located behind the wheels. The sport seats have red accents and are heated, and the interior is covered in suede and synthetic leather. It has an eight-speaker JBL stereo, a Morizo-signed shift knob for the manual transmission, and a heated steering wheel.

The Circuit Edition uses Torsen limited-slip differentials at the front and rear to help power get to the ground underneath it all. All GR Corollas use a 1.6-liter three-cylinder turbocharged engine that produces 300 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque, so that is the extent of the trim-exclusive features. The hot hatch can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.0 seconds with the only available transmission, a six-speed stick.

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“When Toyota GR fans speak, we listen and our plans are to increase GR Corolla volume and continue offering the Circuit Edition as part of the GR Corolla lineup in 2024,” said Toyota VP of Marketing and Communications Michael Tripp.

2024 may not be the end of the Circuit Edition, either. Toyota says production “for 2025 and beyond” is being considered.


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