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Volkswagen Virtus GT Race Car To Replace Vento Cup Car

Continuing the legacy of the Polo and Vento race cars in Indian motorsports, Volkswagen has introduced the all-new Virtus GT Touring, which will take charge in motorsports. The new Volkswagen Virtus GT race car, like the Vento race car, is based on the stock version of the Virtus midsize sedan, which was released in 2022.

Volkswagen has made numerous visual and mechanical changes to the car, making it appear race-ready and sportier than the stock version. Volkswagen Motorsports has been preparing the Virtus GT race car, which it announced on its Instagram account. The car in the photos has the same Cherry Red paint scheme as the stock Virtus GT, but it has a slew of body decals and Volkswagen Motorsport lettering and graphics on the C-pillars, rear door panels, and boot lid. (online pharmacy india)

Aside from the large decals, the Volkswagen Virtus GT race car has a lower ride height, making it appear more planted than the stock car, which has a ground clearance of 179mm. The Virtus GT race car also gets sportier alloy wheels with large lower-profile tyres wrapped around them. The Virtus GT race car, unlike the stock car, has side-mounted dual exhaust pipes that are placed between both doors and have a snarlier exhaust note.

Volkswagen Virtus GT race car to replace Vento Cup Car

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Volkswagen has only revealed the exterior details of the Virtus GT race car, leaving the interior details unknown. The Virtus GT race car, like the Vento race car, is expected to have a roll cage and a bare-bones all-black cabin. The car will also be stripped down, with only the dashboard and instrument console from the stock car remaining. The vehicle will also be outfitted with racing bucket seats and a six-point harness for the driver. Aside from that, it will forego all of the car’s comfort and convenience features in order to reduce overall weight.

The new Volkswagen Virtus GT race car will use the same 1.5-litre four-cylinder turbocharged TSI petrol engine as the standard Virtus GT, but it has been tuned to produce more power and torque. The engine now has a maximum power output of 215 PS and a maximum torque output of 300 Nm, which is approximately 65 PS and 50 Nm more than the stock version. It also gets a 6-speed sequential manual transmission instead of the stock Virtus GT’s 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

While Volkswagen has yet to announce the Virtus GT race car’s race debut, it is expected to make its debut at the MRF MMSC FMSCI India National Racing Championship 2022.

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