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Worst SUVs To Buy In 2022 | Top 10 SUVs You Shouldn’t Buy In 2022

Most Worst SUVs In The Market

SUVs are currently the most popular car segment. Automakers are launching new SUVs and crossovers for there customers. With top notch products there are also no worth tha money cars in the market. In this article we will tell you top 10 worst SUVs you should avoid buying in 2022. There are some new SUVs and Crossovers with poor reliability, high repair costs, low resale value. Some of them are also tagged as not so value for money.

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10. Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

The Mitsubishi outlander sport is the all new SUV offered by the company. It is powered by a 2.5-liter Inline 4 engine. Although the reworked SUV is more stylish and attractive it lacks in competition. As compared to the rivals it lacks features and it is underpowered. Repair cost for the Outlander Sport are also very high.

9. Mini Countryman

Mini Countryman

The Countryman is Mini’s luxury subcompact SUV. The Cute retro looks of the car didn’t got any major updates in 2022. The shortfall in power is due to its three-cylinder engine. Although last year it gained a larger infotainment display the Apple CarPlay is not standard and Android Auto is unavailable.

8. Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer

The 2022 Ford Explorer is a 3-row midsize SUV. It is offered in theee powertrain choices and available AWD. Although it have Excellent interior room but the cabin material could be bonny. Middling fuel economy is the biggest con for the Explorer. With no much cosmetic updates Ford offers the car in an outdated design.

7. Jeep Renegade

Jeep Renegade

The new Chrysler Jeep Renegade is now offered with Multiple packages on different trim levels. With new fresh look the model still hold its iconic Jeep Exterior Styling. But with boxy shape design comes high level of wind noises. The Jeep also lacks fuel economy and storage solutions.

6. Chevrolet Trax

Chevrolet Trax

The Chevrolet Trax is a 5 seater SUV. Although it is an affordable choice to make it offers not so good performance. It does not offer that luxurious feel one may ask for but it also lacks in Certain Safety features in base trim. It is now considered as not so value for money among the masses.

5. GMC Acadia

GMC Acadia

The 2022 Acadia is a midsize crossover offered by GMC. It is powered by a V6 engine and offered with standard active safety technology. The car also provide a limited cargo space, the cramped third row and less lux interiors. It lacks with features in this segment.

4. Ford Ecosport

Ford Ecosport

Back when the Ford Ecosport was launched it had an edge over its rival. But the 2022 model of the car . It offers an outdated standard infotainment system and safety features of the car are also lacking. With unimposing ride it give out poor fuel economy.

3. Fiat 500X

Fiat 500X

In the SUV segment Fiat 500X lacks behind in terms limited cargo and passenger space. The car comes with a high starting price with quality of driving aids not upto the mark. It is offered with a small touchscreen wich may not be feasible to use while driving. The 500X is offered with AWD as standard.

2. Dodge Journey

Dodge Journey

Rebadging is no new in the auto industry. The 2022 Dodge Journey is a rebadged version of the Trumpchi GS5 SUV sold in China. The SUV lacks many modern safety and convenience features even in top trims available. It gives out below average fuel economy, all thanks to the outdated base engine and transmission.

1. Land Rover Range Rover

Land Rover Range Rover

The 2022 Land Rover Range Rover offers powerful engines, great off-road ability, and a first-rate interior. The car has been enthusiasts favorite. High maintenance cost and low resale value are biggest cons if the vehicle. Laggy infotainment screens and cramped third-row seats are few more shortfall to highlight.

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