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India’s First 200cc Yamaha RX – Check Out The Exhaust Sound!

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Yamaha’s RX100 has been a fan favourite for several generations. Fans of the 2-stroke engine will never forget the appeal of the bike, and some have kept their old bikes just for the fun of it.

Mr Yusuf, an old-school rider from Mumbai, has designed a 2-cylinder 200cc Yamaha RX200 that has piqued the interest of all motorheads across the country.


The parallel-twin engine sounds a lot better than the original 10cc engine. The re-engineered version with the parallel-twin engine also has dual-functional disc brakes at the front end that were imported from Italy and are known as AJPs.


Front disc brakes with dual callipers have been installed individually. The petrol tank and the parallel-twin engines are the same width. This was accomplished by expanding the fuel tank from below, but not to the point where the bike’s appeal was compromised. The seat is original, and a steel rack from the 1980s has been installed behind it.

The original exhausts have been used for both engines and they have been done in a symmetric fashion. The fitting of the dual engines upfront was not easy as the chassis had to be bent in order to accommodate the engines. The carburettors for both engines have been tuned by hand as tuning the 2-stroke engine is quite easy.

The spark plugs from the stock bike would not have sufficed which is why they have been switched for the ones found on the Yamaha’s RD350 spark plug from Japan. The speedometers have also been switched to the ones found on the RXZ console. Even with all the changes, at first glance, you will never be able to guess that it is anything other than a Yamaha RX 100.

Yamaha RX 100 – Customised – 200cc

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