Tuesday, February 27, 2024

5 Most Accident-Prone Car Brands In America

According to the insurance comparison website Insurify, over one in ten American drivers will have at least one own-fault collision on their record by 2022.

The incidents of bad driving, however, are not distributed equally, as evidenced by data from the more than 4.6 million insurance applications processed by Insurify. Depending on the type of car you drive, you may be statistically more likely to damage both your own and possibly someone else’s car.

In order to avoid them in the parking lot and change lanes when you notice them approaching from behind, here is a handy guide to the five American car models that are most likely to cause accidents.

1. Ram


Stellantis is asking for problems with a moniker like Ram, and if you approach any car with the brand’s logo, you are too. Owners of the ProMaster 1500 report the highest percentage of own-fault accidents at 10.29 percent, and those operating a 3500 are in an other league altogether.

A startling one in seven Ram 3500 owners have an own-fault smack on their records as more than 14.1% of them reported an at-fault accident, a frequency 53 percent greater than the national average.

2. Subaru


Subaru has recently focused on enhancing the safety features of its vehicles, which is likely for the best considering that the 10.75 percent of Subie owners who have been involved in an accident for which they were at fault is 16 percent higher than the national average. The fact that 13.17 percent of WRX drivers make Insurify’s hit list won’t come as much of a surprise to you.

3. Volkswagen


Just under 10.5 percent of VW drivers have an own-fault blemish on their insurance records; if you only consider Jetta owners, the percentage rises to 11.71 percent. On the other side, Atlas SUV drivers demonstrated good driving skills, with only 7.81 percent of them having an own-fault lawsuit against them.

4. Mazda


Compared to the 9.25 percent national average, more than 10.4% of Mazda drivers have an at-fault claim on their record. However, it was CX-3 SUV drivers, of which 12.62 percent may want to think again about keeping their licences, who gave the business its embarrassing fourth place showing, not MX-5 owners trying to drift up and down every motorway ramp.

5. Hyundai


According to Insurify’s data, 10.3% of Hyundai drivers have been involved in an accident for which they were at fault, which is 11% more than the national average. The Genesis Coupe’s drivers are the most reckless, with nearly 13.9 percent of them reporting an accident that was their responsibility.


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