Monday, April 22, 2024

Hyundai Cars Price List Of November 2022

Hyundai Cars Complete Price List of November 2022: If you are planning to buy a new Hyundai car this November, then this news is for you. The new price list for all 11 Hyundai vehicles sold in the Indian market will be disclosed to you today. We’ll discuss the updated costs for the base and top trim levels of each of these vehicles. However, we will only reveal the prices of the petrol, diesel and CNG models of these vehicles. In other words, the cost of Hyundai’s electric vehicle has not been mentioned.

Hyundai Santro (Hyundai Santro)Rs 4,89,700Rs 6,41,600
Hyundai i10 Grand NIOS (Hyundai i10 Grand Nios)Rs 5,39,000Rs 7,69,800
Hyundai AuraRs 6,08,900Rs 8,56,600
Hyundai i20 (Hyundai i 20)Rs 7,03,000Rs 10,90,200
Hyundai Xcent Prime (Hyundai Accent Prime)Rs 7,25,690
Hyundai Venue (Hyundai Venue)Rs 7,53,100Rs 12,47,000
Hyundai Verna (Hyundai Verna)Rs 9,40,600Rs 15,44,600
Hyundai i20 N Line (Hyundai i20 N Line)Rs 9,95,900Rs 12,02,300
Hyundai Creta (Hyundai Creta)Rs 10,44,000Rs 18,18,000
Hyundai Alcazar (Hyundai Alcazar)Rs 16,44,400Rs 20,25,000
Hyundai Tucson (Hyundai Tucson)Rs 27.7 lakhs



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