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Auto Expo 2023: Ultraviolette F99 EV Racing Released

Auto Expo 2023: Ultraviolette F99 EV Racing Released

Ultraviolette Automotive, an electric two-wheeler manufacturer Ultraviolette F99 EV motorcycle based in Bangalore, has announced its debut in the field of competitive high-speed electric two-wheeler racing. In support of this declaration, the company also unveiled the F99 factory racing platform at the Delhi Auto Expo in 2023.

Ultraviolette F99 EV

According to Ultraviolette, the F99 has been built to generate track-worthy power output while guaranteeing that all safety criteria are satisfied. It draws inspiration from both aviation and racing. In terms of numbers, the F99’s propulsion motor is rated to produce 65 horsepower and is purported to reach a top speed of more than 200 kmph. Additionally, it features adjustable ergonomics so that the user can adjust the handlebar and footpeg positions to suit their preferences.

The majority of the cycle components of the F99 appear to have been carried over from its recently introduced street-legal twin, the F77 in India. Its 17-alloy wheels and Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa tyres are mounted on the vehicle, and the suspension system consists of USD shock absorbers and a mono-shock. Large discs that are bitted by ByBre calipers stop it in its tracks. With the exception of a few aerodynamic components to make it faster on the track, Ultraviolette has largely maintained the same overall bodywork as the F77.

In the upcoming years, Ultraviolette will launch its own road racing series, as it has officially stated. When that occurs and when we get to ride the F99 on the track are still to be determined.


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